Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

Design Desk Inc.

Open Flow Automobile

This automobile concept is an "open flow " design. It allows the electric automobile to breathe and sequester carbon dioxide from the air.  We have designed a carbon dioxide scrubber that uses an Amine solution.  The battery "starts" the cycle by powering a redesigned electric motor (has an advancing field coil) causing rotation of the high voltage generator and pneumatic centrifugal turbo compressor.  The current produced feeds the forward electric motor that propels the automobile and the pneumatic pressure continues to the impeller attached to the advancing field coil of the redesigned electric motor that is connected to the centrifugal turbo compressor. Also on the drive shaft is a generator and an electric motor.  The pneumatic flow post impeller enters the Amine solution where carbon dioxide is absorbed. The system will cycle the solution heating the liquid and causing it to release the carbon dioxide that is then sequestered in an pressure storage tank.  When this system is at operating speed the generator will power the redesigned electric motor and the electric motor on the centrifugal compressor's drive shaft.  A high tension circuit will feed current to the standard electric motor from the high voltage generator. THE SMALL CIRCLES ON THE DRIVE SHAFT ARE REQUIRED BEARING POINTS.

If this system is implemented large scale we would like to use the sequestered carbon dioxide to feed algae bio reactors.