Office Cubical Systems

 The office sometimes can be a confining space then producing a lower productivity rate due to the surroundings of the desk itself... The Office Cubical System is then an alternate personal desk system to then intend less claustrophobia.  The wall units of the cubical then with additional features to then make the work space more pleasant.  The systems contain fuel less generators where electrical power is typically required. The additional amenities within the "cubical wall" include;

 * - exercise equipment wall mount tread mill ( folds out rest upon the floor and dumb bell weight set - elastic pull cord

* - Aquarium ( with filtration and air bubble system )

* - H.V.A.C. system with sealed condenser (also an interchange thermal transference exchanger to then by volume of evaporator surface area cause only cold air out - the heat side of the system then by electric resistance with tilt off switch.  (also contains on switch and thermostat). 

* - plant shelf with grow lighting

* - water cooler with de-humidification and water distillation

* - a sort and file system - with dry erase white board

* - a fold out cot

* - emergence lighting ( in case of power outage )

* - fire detection / suppression system then using Nitrogen - air breather face mask and compressed air bottle

* - micro kitchen - thin type microwave and refrigerator

*  - computer housing  accommodates hard drive monitor and additional spaces for external hard drives

* - audio system (stereo)

* - rainbow luminary panel with motion lights ( interchangeable lamp heads to produce different light pattern or effect  - the lamp has motion to cause color pattern movement )

* - suit closet spare change of clothing

* - electric wench reel and high strength cord allowing the distance to "rappel" in harness from high rise buildings in the advent of fire egress blocked (the system will also contain window bracing to then stable the reel when rappelling)


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