Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

Design Desk Inc.

Tree Farm Ocean Egg

The following design system is a method to continue forestation where the land does not become an issue then allowing the CO2 to O2 conversion to proliferate upon an economically stable platform... It pays for itself. Granted the system is a slow process but over time makes a difference in the stability of the fish industry if the system then used as a fish farm with the egg hollow interior with float ballast in the  "collar" to then allow the re-seeding of natural fisheries with a percentile of the  fish stock released into the ocean. The filtration and air injection for the fish farm then by fuel less air pumping system using a draft accelerator generator system constructed for the marine environment.

The reason for the ocean adaptation is the land use phenom... the leading to deforestation and loss of O2 conversion..... other adaptations for the floating eggs might also be homes or greenhouses on land... or water.... water availibility then not a problem with fuel less electricity able to distill ocean water a "garden egg floating in the "bay"