Motorcycle Thermal Protection System

The  "Motorcycle Thermal Protection System" is a safety mechanism for the fuel tank of a motorcycle. The sun in the summer then causes extremely high temperature upon any surface... This system is intended to cool the fuel tank then by drafting air through hollow plastic tubes with a tank mounted air filter containing a restriction valve to "lower" the intake air pressure while the air in the tubes is being drafted into the carburetor.

Parts List

1. air hose

2. air filter

3. air filter "box"

4. air flow tube thermally conductive plastic

5. fiber glass cover ( cloth and resin )

6. fuel tank gas cap - solar wick - drafts the tubes when the bike is parked vents from atop the solar wick

    pulls ambient air from the aft manifold to then passively reduce the surface temperature of the the fuel

    tank. The solar wick vents super heated air due to the albedo effect then using sunlight to super heat a

    dark color metal substrate causing an air draft.....

7. motorcycle fuel tank

8. air filter / restriction valve ( lowers the pressure within the tube producing a chilling  "effect")

9. fuel pet cock valve

10. fuel line

11. air tube

12. carburetor

13.  connection fitting

14. tank mount tube manifold allows air in to feed the solar wick gas cap contains open air valve to allow

      air to travel to the solar wick ( solar wick defined a dark surface under tempered glass to produce high

      heat to then vent up and outward causing a directional flow / draft of air...)

15. under fuel tank heat insulation

16.  solar wick intake valve  "open to exterior air - to be "pulled" to the solar wick gas cap". The valve

       is closed when in "run" mode to then pull air to the engine via air filter air draft (engine suction).


Note - The system may also act as an under layment for the motorcycle seat cover or may embed in the seat cover to cool the surface of the motorcycle seat. The solar  "wick" then having intake connection hose connected to the valve, number 16 "to pull" air through the seat cover by solar wick. The forced draft through the seat cover then also connected to the air filter air box via hose and hose fitting.

The air draft level is critical for the system to work correctly so the air filter may need an additional fitting to then causes higher air draft levels with opening directly to the the carburetor air intake then by passing the air filter.


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