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The Motivator X- Type

The Motivator X- Type is an electric motor concept for an unlimited range self charging automobile. Within the design we have implemented compounding advancement by hydraulic flow , torque reduction and in addition the forward advancement of magnetic pressure. The on board generator system should produce more power than it uses. The system is load reactive meaning it will speed up producing more current when current is required from the system.


The computer mapping/ logic board will allow the inverter (number 21)  to convert Dc current into Ac current and feed power to the following numbers 11,3,9 and 5. The wound magneto in number 6 will also be energized.

This causes rotation of  number 6, ( Permanent magnetic high voltage generator ) to produce current and it is channeled to numbers 13,18, feeding the high tension to the wound magneto in number 18. Number 18 then produces high tension fed to 19 ( throttle / variable resistor),  and to number 15 to propel the automobile.

Number 6 also feeds current to numbers  -13, 12, 17 and 19. This is the lower tension "drive current".  The " drive current" is greater than the magneto feed current in number 18.

Since the assembly with compounding hydraulic flow is advancing the speed , the circuit 6,13,11,3,9,5 then is circular and compounds electric current intensity level. The current intensity is then also routed to number 17 (Ultra high speed electric motor ) to counteract the resistance of the 1:4 ratio gear set and the field resistance produced within the Main high voltage generator (number 18).

The bridge circuit  between number 19 and 15 feeds current to number 11 then to accelerate the hydraulic advancing assembly.  So that when the car speeds up so does the velocity of the hydraulic assembly yielding more current to accelerate the car.

The high tension Ac current produced with in the main high voltage generator is also fed to a transformer (18,19,20,) the the Dc output is fed to the battery charger to charge the battery.  This will allow the automobile to be in "active" mode producing current to move the car and keep the battery at full charge for the next re-start. All generators in this system are Ac producers except the 12v Dc alternator that feeds the cars horn , lights, and other low tension 12v dc functions.

The field coils in the generators are adjustable an can increase in intensity controlled by the mapping computer. As with all permanent magnetic generators...the wound magnetos feed current to the stator/ field coil for their respective generators.

In the drafting below the power steering pump, alternator , power break pump ..etc  are depicted  mirrored flip it the final design the belt is able to be installed with out interference from the compressors , alternator or hydraulic power steering / break pumps.

Parts List

1. Hydraulic max pressure safety valve

2. Hydraulic impeller

3. Electric motor

4. 1:2 ratio gear set

5. High speed electric motor

6. Permanent magnetic high voltage generator

7. Hydraulic pump

8. Wound magneto control unit

9. High speed electric motor control unit

10. Piston pressurized hydraulic fluid reservoir
   (with bleeder valve)

11. Circuit switching and speed control logic board

12. Ultra high speed electric motor control unit

13. Wound magneto control unit for main high
    voltage generator

14. Trans axle / transmission

15. Main electric motor

16. 1:4 ratio gear set

17. Ultra high speed electric motor

18. Main high voltage generator

19. Main electric motor "throttle"  /variable resistor

20. Ac to Dc transformer

21. Dc to Ac inverter and battery charger

22. Battery tank

23. Tension pulley

24. Serpentine belt

25. Pulley

26. Power break pump

27. Power steering pump

28. Alternator (all  Dc 12v  functions)

29. Air conditioner compressor

30. Wire "bus" to logic/ mapping computer

31. R.P.M.  sensor "bus" connector

32. Main electric motor "throttle" cable

33. Max pressure valve pressure return tube

34. Hydraulic flow tube

35. Drive shaft from transmission / trans axle

A =  Connecting shaft

O =  Bearing race