Motivator Type X3

Parts List

1. Pulley

2. Serpentine Belt

3. Power break pump

4. Power steering pump

5. Air conditioner compressor

6. 12v alternator

7. Hydraulic fluid max pressure safety valve

8. Hydraulic impeller

9. Electric motor

10. 1:4 ratio gear set

11. High speed electric motor

12. Permanent magnetic high voltage generator

     with magneto

13. Motor control unit (also controls magneto )

14. Hydraulic fluid pump

15. Piston pressurized hydraulic fluid reservoir

16. Main electric motor

17. Transmission / Trans axle

18. "Throttle" control unit and circuit pathway box

19. Drive shaft from transmission

20. Dc to Ac current inverter

21. Ac to Dc transformer

22. Battery charger

23. Battery tank

24. Mapping computer / logic box

25. Throttle cable

26. R.P.M. sensor wire "bus"

27. Wire "bus" to logic board / mapping computer

28. Wire "bus" to instrument cluster and ignition switch

29. Hydraulic flow tube

30. Max pressure hydraulic fluid safety return tube

A = connecting drive shaft

O = Required bearing race


From the ignition switch the inverter number 20 is activated feeding current to numbers 20, 18,13,9 and 11 . Number 12's output feeds circuit in number 18 pre variable resistor that controls current level into number 16, main electric motor. There are four branching circuit pathways into the variable resistor in number 18 ;

1. "jumper circuit" that reintroduces a higher current level back into number 13.
2. The battery charging circuit that feeds the Ac to Dc current to transformer then battery charger then charging  battery.
3.  In addition the main charging path current from number 12 to number 18.
4. Battery feed current circuit

 Current post variable resistor in number 18 feeds number 16 Main electric motor.

 The velocity of the hydraulic assembly is controlled by the mapping computer and references the R.P.M. sensors.

 Number 9 rotates once for every four rotations of numbers 11 and 12.  The magneto in number 12 is controlled in number 13.

Number 24 also controls the battery charging system.

Numbers 3,4,5,6, have a belt drive system with tension pulley depicted but not listed.Type your paragraph here.

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