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Micro Desalination Agricultural Watering System

The following design system is small de salt system for ocean water to then provide cost effect power for removing salt from ocean water for agriculture. The design also will produce excess electricity to then air in pumping the clean water a distance upon a zero emission power  free energy power source. The design uses a dual component pressure cycle to then advance a generator to then move water effectively.

Parts List

1.  intake air filter  "sponge"

2. pneumatic flow tube

3. over pressure / max pressure safety valve "vents over pressure contains sensor when actuated

    to "dis engage" the electric clutch upon the pneumatic "air compressor" pump , number 14

4. dual component pressure storage tank

5. flow valve flow direction control solenoid

6. multi path flow valve

7. hydraulic impeller

8. one way flow valve ( hydraulic )

9. dual shaft electric motor, sealed gas type - prevents low level ozone

10.  systems electronics  "logic circuits"- contains system control interface - chamber

       thermostat , temperature sensors - "reads" sensor information from all components requiring

       thermal monitoring to aid in system control.

11. pulley 5" dia ( diameter )

12. pulley 5" dia ( diameter )

13. large pulley 12" dia ( diameter )

14. air compressor

15.  R.P.M. sensor ( revolutions per minute sensor )

16. vacuum pump vents to chamber to cool the electric motors

17. voltage regulator

18. multi port ( flow type ) "system "Start valve" begins upon stored air pressure then the valve switches

      position to then cause vacuum to chill the steam produced with in the system

19.  generator ( produces electricity ) Ac or Dc current ( sealed gas type - prevents low level ozone)

20.  dampener valve regulation valve controls vacuum level

21. large pulley 12" dia ( diameter)

22. small pulley 3" dia (diameter)

23. hydraulic pump

24. small pulley 3" dia ( diameter )

25.  air intake air filter

26.  steam chamber ( top internal vacuum  vacuum is maintained during "run" cycle )

27. electric resistance heat element / powered by number 19

28.  water heating chamber sensor system contains temperature and pressure sensor also acts as max

       pressure over pressure safety vent contains pressure fitting for water discharge hose and water level

      float that actuated the fill system water pump number 42 . salt water intake dampener valve factoring

      then requirement of vacuum in the steam chamber to speed condensation rate

29. hose fittings / hose couplings

30. salt laden concentrate ( not to be discharged to  "open water" )

31. distilled water flow pipe

32. clean water water pump electric motor sealed gas type - prevents low level ozone

33. water " sphere"contains water pump , number 32 actuation float - contains Ultra violet internal "clean lamp"

34. negative pressure sphere ( lowering the barometric pressure ( vacuum ) then assist the the

      condensation process ( insulated thermally ) - contains Ultra violet internal "clean lamp" - connected

      to vacuum regulator to then use air as refrigerant restricting the air flow - uses electric solenoid and coil

      spring dampener valve - dampener valve natural position closed , solenoid forces valve diaphragm / valve

      plate  closed when electrified- coil spring expansion spring also force s the valve diaphragm to the

      closed position.

35. water collection sphere ( insulated thermal) contains pump actuation float for number 35 - contains

      Ultra violet internal "clean lamp"

36. water pump- electric motor sealed gas type - prevents low level ozone

37. refrigeration refrigerant ( Nitrogen )

38. refrigeration master switch block  "controls the refrigeration system flow cycles

39. refrigeration compressor / electric motor sealed gas type - prevents low level ozone

40. refrigeration condenser

41. refrigeration evaporator- chills vacuum sphere contained within insulation so that no condensation

      ocurrs upon the exterior surface.. this keeps the interior of the unit dry.

42. intake salt water pump electric motor sealed gas type - prevents low level ozone actuated by electronic

      circuit and water level float in number 35

43. distilled water coupling ( out water) also acting as a one way valve

44. vacuum level control switch block unit causes negative  pressure ( vacuum in number 35 via tube) the

      unit contains  " hydraulic slide piston" of stainless steel to allow for vacuum / negative pressure to transfer

      to number 35 from vacuum "cold sphere " number 34. The slide piston expansion "rings" are then also

     of stainless steel. the "slide piston then full extension pressurized by  hydraulic oil 50% in air pressure

     sealed chamber air pressure rated to then reach  negative pressure required for constant out flow of

     distilled water. * Note - the water pump , number 36 then also will cause vacuum assisted by dampener

      valve within the intake system , number 28.

45.  water thru channel

46. insulator wrap contains both flow tubes in insulation to then chill the pipes...

* Note - all electric components sensors , motors, and generators connect to the main logic control

             system , number 10 for the system to "self govern" and operate within the parameters of it's

             intended function.

* Note - flow pipes / vacuum pipes  and other components are thermally insulated not to cause exterior

             surface water  condensation keeping the unit dry upon the interior. The cold system then insulated

             to prevent all interior water condensation.


The above design system the is intended to act remotely and independently of major "metro-plex" to then be able to "de salt" ocean water for agriculture. The final water  out flow post number 43 will contain a filter that will require inspection for toxicology at specified interval to then insure that the water is safe. The "line filter" then will be examined for heavy metals / pathogen and chemical contamination to ensure that clean water is used for the agricultural product.

The Ultra violet lamps within the spheres then disinfect the internal surface as a "clean function" to then mitigate any growth that could occur from the system becoming effect by "mirco-organism".

 In the depiction the total unit then as left and right view connected in a circular  "barrel shape" and will be capped with a components dome that contains spear parts with transmitter receiver to then actuate and monitor the system from great distance.... The dome vents chamber cooling air yet shielded for rain and shutter valve seal capacity to prevent flood inundation. Cool discharge air good for crops

The design then acts as a remote dehumidifier as well then being able to be placed far from the shore line still producing then a well spring for water production.

The design will also be able to then be equipped with a "house line" electricity feed that will also then remove the need for batteries upon remote power system / generator systems. This reduces the cost and hazard of using batteries for remote domicile independent  "off - grid"  living.

The above design then may also fill a cistern / holding tank  for domestic water use.. the holding tank will include Uv light lamp safety clean lamp and correct filtration.

In certain low laying areas flooding becomes a problem. Since this design is partially buried the system will be able to have the ability to be "sealed " closed  ( the intake and out flow can then be shut off so that if  flooding is to occur the system can be positioned to close off and remain undamaged by flood waters...

In frigid climates the hose coupling and line piping then can be in tandem with electric resistance heating elements to then prevent system disruption from freezing.

Since large  metro areas upon the coast line in so many regions are in need of clean water these system might work best then as a flotation system with ability to submerge to avoid damage from high storm. The floating desalination water plant then becoming also mobile to be able to aid in disaster regions that have become effected post advent of high storm where the people then need clean potable water.

The salt water intake filter then also has a "cross water" clean out valve system connected to the fresh water out flow from the unit with a "cross valve - one inflow two exhaust ports with one port  "inline" and the other exhaust port the water feed to the salt water intake filter . The salt water intake filter then also has  " 3 valve  two valve to "close" the filter and one valve to exhaust the incoming fresh water when cleaning the filter... This allows one to clean the filter for long run application...