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Methane Control - an "Ultraviolet Search Light"

The following design concept then becomes economically viable with a remote power source that produces on demand high density high voltage electrical current. The "Ultraviolet Search Light"  will then use a compound lens system to diffuse a search light beam causing a wide distribution of Uv light shining upward toward the sky.  Due to the span of area it might be the only way to correctly attempt to mitigate atmospheric Methane in a  cost effective fashion.

The design contains redundant self sustained electric generators (no battery required),

Parts List

1. "power bay " slide out generator drawer - contains fuel less generator system located

     at with the drive belts upon

     the "cross pump generator" design then altered to only use a drive chain and sprocket system,

     in lieu of the drive belt and pulley system. The drive chain and sprocket system must be encased

     and lubricated with the correct oil weight for the environmental temperature range.  The slide drawer

     also contains system logic electronic circuits to enable remote actuation - reports system

     status - contains system communication transmitter receiver

2. "power bay" locking handle - remote "power "bay" unlock

3. Ultraviolet search light mounting "quadpod" support system - locking hinges

4. heated stand via electric resistance keeps the system above freezing 

    ( total casing exterior remains at 40 degrees F ) under mount system cover  tarp insulated - causes an

    emergency shelter

5. hammer pin bracket - permanent locking  anchor circular pivots ball joint connectors

6. search light positional adjustable carriage pivot

7. multi Uv lamps

8. search light positional adjustable carriage pivot

9. lens heater

10. compound lens - causes diffused distributed pattern - the lens cause a wide cone of light directed upward

11. lower lens (adjustable)

12. communications antenna

13. reflective Yellow safety reflector

Granted this system may seem a bit far fetched but with the tundra's "perma frost" melting and the Methane hydrate  in the Arctic Ocean, the temperature sequestered gas is a hazard. The volume of Methane environmental  warming can release is a global hazard. The total Ultraviolet search light system would require many independent units across a wide surface ares. The atmosphere is a buffer in a sense but when it becomes saturated the atmospheric system  "overloads". Controlling atmospheric methane requires a "wide capacity" mitigation technique. The "Ultraviolet Search Light" can perform the function then accelerating the break down of air borne atmospheric methane.

The lamp uses a tunsten / titanium encased arc node to then produce illumination in the lamp.

The design should be used in tandem with the "Solar Radiation Diffuser Satellite" listed at

Uv causes ozone - critical for protection of plants and animals. Lowering the total Uv gain is a side effect of the satellite then also needing augmentation of high altitude ozone by mechanical injection of O3 to high altitude levels since Uv light then is critical for the conversion of oxygen to ozone.

The design above ( Methane Control Ultraviolet Search Light ) will then, from the ground, decompose the the atmospheric methane and cause production of random Ozone..  Certain topographical areas will need to then be monitored for gas saturation ( ozone), as low level ozone is considered a pollutant.

Controlled oceanic Methane Hydrate removal can also the be performed by unmanned submersible that is also powered by fuel less generation system powered by


Following please find the Methane Control  Ultraviolet light deflection cone that then mounts atop the Uv search light to then also cause light deflection. The design will effect aircraft so correct diffusement will need to be addressed and in altitude decent areas the horizontal diffuser  may be omitted not encumber pilots visibility when landing an aircraft.