Magnetic Water Alignment Tool

The earth's magnetic field is failing. Part of the problem may be the water's magnetic alignment ie... the "dipole" magnetic polar alignment direction of ocean water then causing lower field in the total Earth system. Water flow produces slight electrostatic electrical charge and variable inductance causing magnetism in water.

The electrical conductivity and magnetic alignment of the salt water molecule then slightly different that that of fresh water and might effect the base magnetic "dipole" ( magnetic polarity ) of water as it mixes. With climate change, fresh water inundation into the salty ocean, causes a situation that needs to be reviewed. Magnetic turbulence disrupts the total geomagnetic field so an alignment tool using a self sustaining power source might correct the problem.

By using fuel less electricity to increase the Earth's natural magnetic field the system will increase the magnetic field intensity in the upper atmosphere ( Van Allen Belts). Below please find the fuel less propulsion system and sinker design that aligns the salt water magnetic polaric di-pole.

Parts List

1. water intake "screened intake"

2. toroid ( torus magnet piston baffle "bouncer" )

3. water exhaust manifold

4. linear generator or solenoid motor acts as a water compression pump

5. magnetic "pulse" direction "reverse" trip switch sensor

6. permanent magnet

7. slider piston contains permanent magnetics - motivated by the magnetic repulsion produced by

    repellent electro-magnetics numbers 11 and number 2 with the "timed electrical "pulse ( actuation of

    the electro-magnetics) then produced by the "trip" switch, number 5

8. permanent magnet

9. "timed" solenoid valve water injector - timed with sequence and works in tandem with number 5 - allows

     for flow via dampener valve around the circumference of the solenoid injector to not stiefel the water

     flow while the piston plate and water impeller, number 12 is high motion due to the "hydraulic draft

     effect " incurred by number 16

10. electronics  / power management control

11. main" bouncer" electromagnet core permanent magnet

12. water impeller

13. electric motor

14. main electronics  "bay" electronic control circuits system's mapping electronic circuits

     communications system location  ( transmitter  / receiver) - contains rechargeable battery and battery

     charging system to "Start" the system

15. 1:20 ratio gear set sealed lubrication high side rotation tandem rotating with number  16, input

       rotation tandem with the drive line's connecting drive shaft and impeller  "wheel" of number 12

16. high speed water pump

17. high voltage generator with magneto - magneto electrifies to induce magnetic field in the high

      voltage's generator's field coil internal mechanical clutch with electric actuation natural position


18. voltage regulator

19. r.p.m. sensor ( revolutions per minute ) - reports to the system's logic mapping electronic control

      circuits to "regulate the system speed

20. electric motor - main speed adjustment electric motor

21. 1:4 ratio gear set high side tandem rotating with the internal pump "wheel" of number 22

22. main water propulsion  "thrust water pump"

23. water pipe

24. core piston guide "rod" core of the piston plate contains stainless steel roller bearings to allow the

      piston plate to "bounce" between the electro-magnetics, numbers 2 and number 11

25. core electromagnet ( water alignment magnet ) "uni -pole"  - one pole of the permanent magnet

       with electromagnet then having one pole sealed so that the "projected" magnetic field operates as

       the design requires

26. ejectable sinker weight

27. sinker weight solenoid weight ejector system

28. water alignment tool shape

29.  one way valve

30. water discharge "throttle valve"

31. multi stage ( dual diaphragm water flow valve ) over pressure max pressure safety valve and

      actuation sensor - reports to the system's mapping control electronic circuits to "govern" the total system

      speed- contains water discharge re-introduction flow pipe injects to the primary water impeller,

      number 12 - sum of two discharge ports one to the water impeller, number 12 the second to the

      water outflow pipe unencumbered by the throttle control valve

32. re-introduction water flow pipe compression fitting - injects high pressure at variable intensity to

      traverse across the drive line's water impeller number 12.

33. manual sheathed cable "manual throttle valve cable connector"  - operates the valve by lever

34.  pressure discharge injection tube - as the over pressure safety valve is opened in level of

       actuation. The "level" of the sensor reports to the logic processor  (mapping control electronics) then

       reporting the discharge level by sensor detecting the coil spring resistance dampener plate position.

First stage discharge the directed to number 12 to then increase water pressure and speed of the generator's drive line by the electrical re-introduction circuit. Second stage then the water pressure discharge tube that by passes the "throttle valve number 30 venting to open water.

      The sensor cross referencing the dampener valve, valve plate position that in it's natural position

      is depressed by an internal coil spring allows the logic control circuits to extrapolate the correct

      electricity re-introduction rate.  ie...electricity from  the generator ( number 17 ) to the drive line electric

      motor (number 13) to control total speed of the generator / propulsion system).

       The maximum pressure level then by passing the throttle valve, number 30.

Letter "A" is the power production system to "electrify" the design also then the design's propulsion system.

The design is naturally buoyant filled with rigid flotation foam that is non permeable to water

The system is the same both sides of the mirror line.

Letter "A" then also under the core electromagnet with water intake from the top of the sinker to then allow the system to "surface".

* Note - the design system's propulsion system sustains electricity production using an electricity

             re-introduction circuit.  ie... "electricity from the main high voltage generator, number 17 is voltage

             regulated, current regulated  ( circuit controlled potentiometer in number 14). and reintroduced back

             to the system's electric drive motors numbers 13, 20, and according to "mode" of function number 4

* Note - the system positions in the water (navigation) by electric flow restriction valves upon the water

             exhaust post water flow merger manifold and number 22

* Note -  The design system will increase  the dipole effectively causing the sea water to

              Gauss (magnetic sea water) while maintaining forced artificial magnetic polar alignment of open

              ocean sea water.


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