Magnetic CO2 Scurbber
Atoms are electric....  covalence bonding etc...  so the CO2 then able to be electrically effected.. separated , also with the use of magnetism in tandem with wire (effect of reactivity by material selection).

Factoring oxidation upon the wire as well the patina... and prevalent atmospheric gas to cause , with induced current ( electro-mangnatism ) yielding , stoichiometry to final yield of Carbon Dioxide separation....( will produce other compounds..).

Once isolated via Amine solution cycle ( optional ),  ( low storage of  so not a static electricity hazard ) then to cause also resonance in the atomic bond to split the ionized CO2 ( additional gas in reaction...for inert compound "gas" result..),  ( with out heat)  through..just an idea to explore a bit further.... Might make terraforming  and CO2 scrubbing more efficient.....

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