Internal Combustion Engine Modification

The following internal combustion engine modification is then causing the system to operate upon pressurization differentiation with electric assist and hydraulic flow counter tilt for a ratio gear set then causing the engines vacuum pump to operate at hyper capacity.

 Parts List

1. pulley

2. drive belt

3. crank shaft pulley

4. pulley

5. potentiometer / variable resistor  "throttle"

6. solenoid ( valve control )

7. valve also is able to be operated by manual lever to then cause in assistance of the  "Start up" cycle... in

     tandem with number 12

8. pneumatic pressure distributor

9. air compressor and generator ( high voltage) with p.m. ( permanent magnet ) Magneto and internal voltage

    regulator roller wheel commutator contract "brushes"

10. voltage regulator

11. valve control solenoid

12.   Throttle valve ( pneumatic flow works in tandem with potentiometer / variable resistor number 5 - also is

       able to be operated by manual lever to then cause in assistance of the  "Start up" cycle...

13.  vacuum manifold

14. engine  "block" / the cam in the cylinder heads then drives the engines block oil pump

15. vacuum pipe

16. vacuum union chamber

17. automotive transmission

18. drive shaft

19. control electronics mounting position ( system mapping control circuit box contains electrical power management )

20. hydraulic "gear set counter tilt" impeller

21. vacuum pump internal 1: 150 ratio gear set high side rotation ( the 150 side of the ratio gear set ) tandem

       to the vacuum pump input rotation. The pneumatic out flow pipe then returning to the pneumatic  top half of

       the dual component pressure tank

22. electric motor

23. piston chamber intake valve

24. piston chamber exhaust valve ( under vacuum suction )

25. one way valve

26. vacuum flow pipe

27. negative pressure tank ( vacuum tank )

28. vacuum level sensor ( maximum vacuum safety unit - allows air in under excessive vacuum )

29. pneumatic over pressure safety valve - vents over pressure contains actuation sensor reports to

      system logic / mapping electronics with fault indicator actuation lamp

30. pneumatic pressure and oil pressure tank ( silicone oil  as a hydraulic fluid )

31. oil fill pressure safe pressure tank screw cap

32. oil drain

33. air compressor also acts as a pneumatic impeller

34. cylinder bore ( the system works for 4, 6, 8 and 10 cylinder engine systems )

35. pneumatic  "Start valve" ( note - when starting the system the stored air pressure in the dual component

      pressure tank, number 30 then, by the valve, number 35 then causes the air pressure to vent out the

      air filter, number 36 post number 33 ( " after producing rotation in number 33). This is the "Start up" mode of

      the impeller function of the  of the air compressor.  The pneumatic switch valve redirects flow direction at the

      crossing of the two pipes by geared tumbler with flow direction ports.

36. intake air filter

37. pneumatic flow pipe

38. pneumatic flow pipe

39. pneumatic flow pipe

40. electric motor - wires connect to number 19 , system mapping logic / control  / system mapping

41. hydraulic ( oil pump )

42. oil flow line / pipe

43. one way oil flow valve

* Note -The system chassis mounting then is electrically insulated from the motor modification. The drive shaft too then containing an electric insulator to then prevent any induces or static electricity from pneumatic flow from electrifying the drive shaft. The system contains a static electricity "plasma box" within number 19 to then harvest and static electricity formed from pneumatic or hydraulic flow. ( ie.... the flow pipes are grounded to the plasma box and insulated with an electricity insulator upon the exterior of the flow pipe).

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