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Infinity Motor System ( generator )

Parts list

1. large pulley or sprocket
2. tension pulley or sprocket
3. belt or chain
4. small pulley or sprocket
5. R.P.M. sensor "Hall Effect"
6. pneumatic impeller
7. 1:10 ratio gear set
8. pneumatic turbo compressor
9. brushes and brush track
10. armature
11. primary generator current pick up
12. fixed field coil primary generator
13. max pressure safety valve
14. electric slide valve
15. pneumatic pressure tank
16. pneumatic flow tube
17. piston type electric air compressor
18. one way valve
19. air filter
20. 1:4 ratio gear set
21. electric motor
22. permanent magnetic high voltage generator
23. battery tank
24. battery charger
25. mapping computer "control systems"
26. commutator and brushes
27. advancing field coil
Infinity Generator


From "Start" current provided by the battery the mapping computer powers the primary generators internal electric motor and the electric motor number 21.

 When the system reaches operating speed number 22 on the primary generator's assembly then energizes the field coil for the primary generator and the primary generator's  output is fed to it's internal electric motor shutting the current feed off from the battery.

 The current post primary generator's internal electric motor's  armature is then powering number 21 ( electric motor) and shuts the current feed off from the battery. The load circuit is then feeding from number 22 on the primary generator assembly to boost number 21 when number 22 on the left assembly is loading.

 Number 22 on the left side assembly is then powering the external application and charging the battery tank. Number 22 on the primary generator assembly will increase current to number 21 when number 22 is loading controlled by the mapping computer.  Another option is to charge the battery from current post primary generator field coil.

If the pulley and belt system that is displayed is substituted with a chain and sprocket system then an oil pump will be added to the tension sprocket number 2. The chain and sprocket system will be encased to retain the oil.