Indoor Space Heater Induction Cook Top

The following indoor fuel less electric space heater is an option in inclement weather when the Utility "grid" loses power either in winter or in summer time when the excessive loading causes loss of power for air conditioning. The design allows the user to then have a reduced utility bill.

Parts List

1. lid clasp hinge

2. lid claps lever

3. lid clasp lock hoop

4. unit drag handle hinge

5. "L" shaped pneumatic pump (piston type air pump) handle

6. lid clasp retainer coil spring

7. heat vent

8. pneumatic manual air pump

9. air pump retainer clip

10. air pump air intake ports

11. air pump mounting bracket and rubber "bushing" an divergence valve

12. hollow external insulated casing ridges 360 degrees docks the safety grid (child safety) screen lock in place with compression spring clips

13. external pull handle telescoping and locking

14. pull handle hand grip

15. wheel base swivel bearings

16. unit roller wheels

17. oil level float system and pneumatic pressure indicator gauge unit - pressure rated screw compression

18. unit thermostat housing

19. one way valve silicone oil "return" flow pipe

20. silicone oil return

21. over pressure silicone oil "return"

22. oil level line (pneumatically pressurized oil)

23. one way valve sum of two one to each U-pipe

24. pneumatic "fill" flow pipe sum of two one to each U-pipe

25. air flow path

26. Magneto drive impeller hydraulic impeller

27. "U -Pipe" bend taper

28. over pressure safety valve - discharges over pressure via flow pipe

29. Magneto Ac current (alternating current) generator electrifies the field coil of the main Ac generator to cause output electricity

30. Main Ac generator of electricity - rotated in tandem with the Magneto and hydraulic drive impeller , number 26

31. control electronics ventilation fan bar multiple blower cooling fans separate chamber than the "system heating" chamber intake

      and exhaust horizontal ports

32. Heater unit blower fan (metal fan)

33. Heater unit blower fan electric motor

34. oil radiator

35. oil radiator "oil pressure" regulator discharges "over pressure to the blow down "u-pipe" , number 62

36.  hydraulic draft accelerator draft impeller

37. high speed hydraulic pump

38. solenoid controlled divergence valve controls the hydraulic draft effect automatically referencing the gear system r.p.m. (revolutions

      per minute sensor) the extrapolating the solenoid, number 40's position via electronic circuit

39. " all stop safety valve"

40. divergence valve control solenoid

41. gear box r.p.m. sensor and "brush less" electric drive motor unit - communicates via ribbon wire / multi-wire (4 wire) to the system

      logic processor

42. hydraulic draft accelerator "gear box" causes the pump, number 37 to rotate at ten times the rate of the preceding hydraulic

      impeller, number 36

43. main generator unit

44. "U" shaped heater pipe contains silicone oil non electrically conductive non flammable oil

45.  generator electronics control components / heater control electronics

46. receptacle recess

47. heater / generator / cook top control panel

48. all stop lever

49. "start" spring spool cable ratchet release lever

50. "start" cable ratchet wind dial (twist to cause the cable reels to cause mechanical "tension" to then start the system rotating when

       lever, number 49 is position to allow the coil spring ratchet spool (flat spring) to decompress. The spool then allows for the

       gears to "free spin"

51. silicone oil electric resistor heater element

52. electrical ground electric cord (sheathed electrical wire) stow surrounds the base "air intake" for the heater system

53. oil flow discharge flow pipe

54. blow down "u-pipe"

55. manual "re-fill" valve - used post blow down - post system alarm (indicator light upon the control panel) to then re-fill the

      heater "u-pipe" number 44)

56. air flow divergence valve valve position "rod" used post alarm then allowing for the oil in the blow down u-pipe to then

      be "pneumatically pressurized causing the re-fill of the primary heater u-pipe, number 44

57. electrical ground wire stow

58. system electronic circuit control bay

59. oil radiator over pressure safety cap vents over pressure to the blow down U-pipe , number 62

60. flex pressure hose

61. compression clamp

62. U-pipe blow down chamber pipe

63.  roller wheel wheel lock

64.  hot plate recess

65. inductance coil causes heating for the cook top hot plate

66. inductance cook top control electronics

67. heat safe glass

68. metal heat plate (stain less steel)

69.  receptacle output 120v Ac

70. cook pot

71. cook pot vertical handle

72. cook pot vertical handle hand grip non thermally conductive "rubber"

73. child safety grid (circular) adjustable height

74. blower fan internal air flow manifold - directs hot air to the units vents, number 7

75. thermal safe gasket

76. receptacle circuit breaker (30 amp)

77. system control panel

* Note - number 58 communicates via "ribbon wire" multi wire to the logic processing in number 45 and control panel 77.

* Note - the Magneto and generator then of sealed type filled with inert Noble gas and are explosion proof.

* Note - the unit contains "all stop" safety feature and "tilt" off switching should the unit be tipped over - only "runs" in the vertical position.

* Note - a percentile of produced electrical current from number 30, then able to be "re-introduced" to the system's electric drive

             motor, number 41 allowing for the system required "run" / "operating" speed according to function selected upon the control panel

* Note - the U-pipes oil flow system is electrically grounded


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