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Incline Motor System

Parts list:

1. Sprocket

2. Transfer drive chain

3. Tension sprocket connecting shaft ( Also contains an electromagnet clutch or

    manual clutch.) ( number 3 is a two part drive shaft )

4. Oil fill

5. Switching control board

6. "Bus" to logic computer

7. "Bus" to logic computer

8. Magneto control

9. Primary electric motor

10. ratio gear set (low ratio) "limited slip"

11. high speed electric motor

12. permanent magnetic electric generator ( High Voltage)

13. R.P.M. sensor "bus" to logic computer

14. Ac to Dc transformer

15. Switching board for main high voltage generator

16. "Bus" to logic computer

17. "Bus to logic computer

18. Electric motor "throttle" box

19. Throttle cable

20. Drive shaft

21. Main High Voltage Generator

22. Main Electric Motor

23. Automatic transmission

24. Battery charger and Dc to Ac inverter

25. Battery tank

26. "Bus " to logic computer

27. Logic computer

28. Sprocket tension adjustment screws


The Incline Motor System is an attempt at self sustaining electricity production for application in an electric automobile.

  From the battery current enters number 24 and the Dc to Ac inverter converts the power to Ac current that is then fed to number 5 and on to number 11 also powering number12 field coil and 12's output the to number 15  then on to number 9 and number 11.

 When at operating rotational speed this "start" circuit is not feeding the electric motor's number 9 and number 11. the current input is derived from number 11 also amplified in number 21.  Number 11 is then feeding current to number 9 post number21 and diodes prevent the higher tension from flowing in to the circuit to number 24.

 When at operational speed current post number 21 ( controlled in number 15) feeds current to number 9 at greater power level.  Current post number 21 is also  routed in number 15 through number 16 and on to number 6 and 5 powering number 11 at higher intensity than number 9.

 The flow circuits are as follows: number 25,24, 5, 11,12,15.

( 15 {output of 21},16, 27 [contains "kill" switch], 6 ,5,11 )-  * Not Depicted.