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Hyperberic Airliner Ejection Chair

The following design system is an advancement in aircraft safety. The "chair" then encapsulated with independent atmospheric cycling capacity then also acting as an ejection system able to land with safety in water or on land. The system uses a parachute and redundant helium quick inflation balloon.

Parts List.

1.  air duct vents and communication / lamp and audio visual display fold out panel

2.  "attention" beacon lamp" alerts the flight attendant

3.  decompression air mask - air system then in the frame of the chair

4. parachute compartment

5. parachute mounting  "hoops" secures the parachute redundantly

6.  inflation flotation balloon ( for water landing- keeps the "pod afloat" )

7. chair back rest position control

8. recliner fold out lever

9. pod systems components - air cycle (H.V.A.C.  - power unit - heater ( electric)

10. flotation water line

11. "pod" water tight hinge

12. clear impact resistant canopy - water tight / pressure tight - fire safe

13. door lever - canopy lever

14. head rest - adjustable - audio speakers

15. communications electronics

16. parachute securing hoops  ( parachute attached so that each "hoop" would carry the pod

      redundant connection)

17. ejection rail ( the pod drops from the bottom of the endangered air craft ) cross check circuit for air

      craft landing gear position)

18. chair mounting system - mounts to the frame - contains shock dampener

19. leg rest vertical position

20. chair slide out drawer contains medical kit

21. recliner leg rest

22. manual ejection lock actuation release - circuit requires lock override

23. center safety belt ( 5 point safety harness )

24. shoulder safety harness ( 5 point safety harness )

25. lap belt ( 5 point safety harness )

26. chair encasement pull fastener blanket encasement ( blanket within the chair)

27. helium balloon emergency "inflater" balloon inflates if decent rate is to fast or parachute failure

      is detected


The design system will assist in pandemic illness transmission prevention as sometimes occurring during air flight then also giving more protection for the passenger in accident advent. The ejection system then for multiple units requiring a coordinating delay so that the ejection does not endanger the "drop" cycle. This prevents the safety  "pods" from collision with each other during the sequence.

The H.V.A.C. ( heating and air conditioning system also contains CO2 (carbon dioxide) to O2 (oxygen) conversion systems. The "fire safe pod" also then with O2 level monitoring and system fault indication warning circuit.

The parachute deployment system will be automatic with additional manual lever pull release ( yellow handle) only to release after manual unlock and under a child safety cover. The helium balloon then will deploy in the same fashion after decent has initiated to then slow the rate of decent if the proximity sensor detects decent over velocity rate via altimeter sensor

The "pod's" H.V.A.C. system is also able to clean itself with internal Uv lighting and has a vacuum cleaning port to vacuum the seating.

The water tight pressure tight escape pod then will also use the flight attendant notification top lamp as a rescue lamp if the pod then ends in the ocean.

The "pods" then dual chair units or single chair units for those traveling alone...

The "pods" are then also in an  "air lock" encasement "a transparent pressure closed closet" to then prevent total cabin decompression when ejecting.

Even if the chair does not eject the increased personal protection in the advent of a hard landing is increased immensely.