Hot Tube
Ever year there are many injuries due to the clearing of snow..... so We have design this device to then aid in safe removal of heavy wet snow in an easy fashion...

The design system in tandem with a standard oil burner furnace adapter along with the fuel less generator system, Will the allow for a homes safe upgrade costing the dwelling occupants heating cost to null... The "Hot Tube" will then mate to the oil burning furnace to then heat the hot water then filling the homes radiators. The adaptation then also will come with air intake filtration system.

The snow ice melting system  / method leaves residual water upon the surfaces that have been cleared so the partner device to the "Hot Tube"  is then as an up right wet dry vacuum  to then clear the moisture left from the Hot Tube ( same design format )  arm braces and handle in the same position but a water evacuation and pump system will then channel the collected water in the reservoir to safe location away from the walk space or to confinement in a bucket  , the up right wet dry vacuum then clears the moisture left from the Hot Tube

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