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Hot Light

The "Hot light" is a self powered lamp design to then also cause forced air heating as a safety system in inclement weather when power outages occur.

 The lamp will pull filtered air from orifice ports at it's base then to vent hot air before the lamp shade  level also then being so that the blower mechanism as depicted will be contained within the lamp.

 Number 14's air velocity vector displacement is then up ward with number 15  then drafting within the accelerated air flow. Air flow then displaced from the lamp horizontally.

 The propeller number 14 and impeller number 15 also have safety retainer ban to prevent propeller blade fracture or projectile from the actual lamp casing itself.

 System rate of velocity then maintained by resistance in number 4 , stator / field coil  intensity and electrical output level in number 4 then automatically adjusting number 13 to correct stable flow rate.

 Power from number 2 then travels via "wire bus" to number 1.

Parts list

1. Electromagnetic light bulb locking magnetic control battery charger and , 9  re-chargeable battery bank / current for "system start" via number 4 then operating
    as an electric motor. Also containing system control circuits on/ off speed , heat setting, battery charge indicator , and charging level / component fault,  and wire "bus" ports for
    valve control for  number 13. Also containing wire "bus" ports for the control system for speed  then providing current  adjusting number 5 and number 6. Also
     containing "all  stop" safety tip / tilt ballast.
2. 12v Dc ( direct current )  to 120vAc ( alternating current ) current inverter
3. Hydraulic pump compressor and hydraulic impeller in one wheel ( ie serves both functions pumping and impeller ).
4. 12v dynamo with compounding wound stator permanent magnetic field coil also may then act in a motoring function as electric motor ( split function ie. may act as both
     at once / motor and generator)..
5. variable resistor  ( quartz or filament resistor )  heat setting potentiometer
6. potentiometer
7. combined silicone oil and pneumatic pressure pressure container
8. pneumatic max pressure over pressure safety pressure relief valve
9. Silicone oil and pneumatic fill valve one way valve
10. one way valve hydraulic
11. lower pressure hydraulic flow tube
12. Higher pressure hydraulic flow tube
13. dual valve ie. two inlets and two exhaust ports...independent valves
14. propeller ( stainless steel with weighted tip four blade circumference retainer ring attaching the blade tips )
15. draft impeller ( stainless steel with weighted outer tip four blade circumference retainer ring attaching the blade tips )
16. dual hydraulic impeller / pump system ratio gear set 1:8 ratio gearing ( low side impeller oil drafted by number 3 , high side gearing of the ratio gear set number 16  pump, high
     side orientated   to number 14 ).
17. light bulb
18. electromagnets both upon the base of the bulb and upon locking fixture

  Number 3 then drafts hydraulic pressure causing the compound cycle to increase in rotational rate then producing more velocity hence more electricity.
The hydraulic impellers within number 16 are upon both terminal ends of the ratio gear set. [ ie. one hydraulic impeller on the low side and one hydraulic  pump / impeller ( dual function wheel )  upon the high side]. These advancements in drafting the hydraulic flow system in addition to the drafting via propeller system also cause the magnetic "pressure" Number 4's electric motor ) to then advance it's "zero point" ie. ( rotational start point / per rate / magnetic pressure )  then applying the advancing "zero point" in addition to the compounding rotational rate increase.

The draft impeller ( number 15 ) then is being rotated also by the air flow counteracting the effect of increased rotation within number  16 and the resistance produced while generating electricity from magnetic fields in number number 4.

* Note "A" * -  Also may be inserted upon the flow tube number 12, post number 16 and before number 10 an additional permanent magnet dynamo attached to a hydraulic impeller driven by the fluid flow in the said tube  rotating the high side of a ratio gear set at 4: 1 ( 1 being the output rotation then connected to the additional dynamo ) with the electrical out put then directed to the internal application for system functions... or as a charging port ( power receptacle / multiple voltage

settings ) to charge cell phones, laptop computers, and or for emergency ratio communications equipment or music players.

The above system uses sealed dynamos so that they not to vent any ozone....

Number 12 is continuously from numbers 16 , 10 and into 7.

System may also be great for Greenhouses...... as it may provide heat electric light and electricity for powered de-humidification.

The terminal end of the light bulb may also then be used for fluorescent plant lighting for the greenhouse applications. the plug ( terminal end ) may be in-line and or at a 90 degree angle from the horizontal fluorescent bulb position.

The assembly directly above is then called the "re-pack pump". The additional unit may then be installed upon flow tube number 12 then before the  hydraulic  return to the combined oil / air /  pressure tank yet post the additional compounding dynamo system upon the hydraulic flow tube number 12 that the draft of hydraulic fluid occurs at high rate accelerating the additional dynamo assembly ( listed in * Note "a" * ) . The system also contains an "all stop" safety "tilt indication switch to shut the system off should its position be disturbed.