Horizons Camera System

Ever feel closterfobic in an elevator?

The "Horizons Camera System" is then intended to give passengers in an elevator a view of the buildings surroundings while the elevator is in motion.

The design is different in that it serves a dual function also then with the capacity to clean the buildings exterior windows as well.

The financial savings then reducing the labor cost for the dangerous occupation of scaffold cleaning the exterior windows can be then directed to a pay increase for the housekeeping crew safely cleaning the interior windows. The video signal is broadcast by the on-board transmitter to be relayed to video monitors within the elevator with increased air circulation.. ")

The system also may serve an additional function then being able to lift a retainer curtain to the retain the windows in case of an emergency ( is a storm is approaching or distant earth quake detected... or be built with enough strength to allow for people to clip onto the window cleaner bar and , with mountain climbing harness , safely egress the building if fire has blocked egress.The system then contains load ( weight ) sensors...

Safety gear strip with lock ratchet ( mechanical safety redundancy electric- actuation to the lower the window cleaner unit bar also contains a speaker ( Audio) to the alarm if the weight limit upon the system is exceeded. A fire suit then will be tandem with the harness with an internal breather mask with enough air within a pressure bottle to then allow enough air to egress the building... fires cause structural damage to buildings support systems...sometimes blocking egress  so an additional external egress is an advancement in design to  increase safety levels.

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