Home Power Plant

The "Home Power Plant", is a low cost mechanism to then be able to power a home if and when the  "grid" electricity goes out due to high storm. The design system is a fuel less generator able to operate in severe conditions to maintain a homes electricity upon a  "distributed" platform.

Parts List

1. oil fill screw cap with dip stick

2. oil retainer case (vented)

3. large sprocket

4. drive chain ( tension by slide mounting of numbers 6 and 7 )

5. small sprocket

6. magneto

7. high voltage generator 5 Kw  ( kilowatt) - 10Kw or greater

8. electric motor respectively 5Hp ( horse power) - to 10 Hp or greater

9. voltage regulator

10. voltage regulator

11. hall effect R.P.M. ( revolutions per minute ) sensor

12. drive shaft end nut

13. L.C. D. ( liquid crystal display ) R.P.M. sensor display ( used to "set" the systems speed) and system

      regulation electronics /  control electronics.

14. on / off switch

15. home circuit breaker  "box"

16. electronic circuit controlled potentiometer references electrical output level in number 42 to then

      control the oil cycle speed

17. converted dual shaft bench grinder dual shaft electric motor

18. small pulley 4" dia (diameter)

19. drive belt

20. low drive belt tension pulley

21. pulley drives the permanent magnet Dc dynamo

22. 12v Dc permanent magnet dynamo

23. large pulley 12" dia (diameter)

24. voltage regulator

25. 12v Dc to 120v Ac ( alternating current ) electrical current "inverter" contains electricity output voltage regulator

26. hydraulic pump

27. potentiometer

28. hydraulic impeller

29. oil flow valve ( with safety shut off solenoid references the R.P.M. sensor )

30. oil flow pipes

31. one way oil flow valve

32. pneumatic over pressure safety valve ( vents pneumatic over pressure) contains actuation sensor

      to then cause the 12v Dc ( direct current ) air compressor number 37 to shut off via wire  "bus" connector

      labeled as letter "A"

33.  pneumatic P.S.I. ( pounds per square inch ) gauge

34. dual component pressure tank ( pneumatic pressure atop oil causing oil pressure )

35. pneumatic one way valve

36. pneumatic flow tube

37. 12v Dc air compressor

38. manual pneumatic one way fill valve

39. modified bench grinder to then be wired as a generator ( feeds electricity to the electric motor number 8)

40. safety "all stop" solenoid closes the oil flow valve the solenoid actively restricts the oil flow to assist in

      the oil flow cycles speed as this system is a restricted  "run away effect" .  The solenoid  is connected to

      the valve in addition to an internal expansion coil spring causing the valve closed then in the natural

      position so that when electrical current is applied to the solenoid the electricity causes a forced opening of

      the valve.

41. electrical ground

42. electricity level gauge / meter  contains voltage regulator.  The r.p.m. /  "rate of rotation" / speed of

      of the  connected components  (ie...  the oil flow system electric motor number 17 and electricity

      generator, number 39 ), can be extrapolated  for correct speed of the system via the output current level

      to adjust the solenoids electrical current intensity and  valve , number 29's position to it's correct  "run" setting


43. air filter exhaust  "box"

44. pneumatic travel tube

45. pneumatic impeller  "piston type" causes the dynamo to rotate   "Start Up" torque

46. "Start Up" pneumatic valve

47. pneumatic coupling ( vents air pressure only top of the dual component pressure tank)

48. divergence dampener valve  ( one inlet ) two directional exhaust ports then controlled by the speed

      and fluid pressure of the oil ( a dampener valve  with it's closed position then by expansion coil spring)


The above design system then constructed with explosion proof electric motors . " The electric motors then to only be operated within their operating parameter! ie... r.p.m.

To reduce environmental Ozone production the motors and generators can be  "sealed" inert gas type electric motors or generators.

The system intended for out door installation within a weather safe encasement. Additional pulley and drive belt driven cooling fan and blower can be installed to vent the encasement. The blower fan then within safety cage to prevent accidental injury.

The silicone oil post number 26 returns to the dual component pressure storage tank then injecting into the pneumatic pressure. The "return" oil injects into the top 1/2 of the dual component pressure storage

tank , number 34).

The system is only required pneumatic displacement traversing across number 45 until the electricity reintroduction system is set unto it's correct levels...  "to then cause continual rotation of the cycle", yielding electricity to energize the electric drive motor motivating the high voltage generator.

The "frame" that mounts the components is also electrically grounded to then control any stray inductance preventing an electrical shock hazard.

Note - The systems controls then are upon a panel that is illuminated ie... potentiometers,  gauges, valve

           connecting cable levers, and LCD ( r.p.m. liquid crystal display) for ergonomic ease of control. 

           A user friendly control panel. The panel also then containing instruction label for starting the system.


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