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Home Fire Suppression

The Home fire Suppression system the is an immediate responder to then put a fire out with Nitrogen  harvested by the air stratifier ( also acting as an emergency generator for the home), to then be able with quick response displace the oxygen feeding the fire. The system will also be able to cycle exterior air to then prevent Nitrogen saturation for long periods thus preventing asphyxiation by Nitrogen should the dwelling be occupied by children or pets as a mode of the fire suppression method.

In natural disaster conditions the electrical grid fails.. This is a serious hazard for those effected. The following design then also acts as an emergency generator that does not require fuel. This allows for electricity to keep food refrigerated, allow for lighting, run medical equipment, and or to then also cause electricity for home heating...

The system also has the ability to harvest water from the air should the municipal water system be effected by flooding. The harvested water then directed to a holding tank with independent electric water pump to pressurize the dwelling's water system. The  harvested water requires distillation required prior to consumption...

Parts List

"A" = exterior mount air plenum - "contains" intake air filter and refrigeration evaporator then

         with nitrogen as the refrigerant to chill fresh air in bound into the house - duct work then

         with "self cleaning" function  via electric heat electric resistor, duct work then insulated.

         The refrigeration condenser then within the roof ridge vent- condenser of length upon the

         interior apex of the attic. Air conditioning system then connected to the air stratifier...

         The "Air Stratifier" also then powering the system's electric motor air blower fans.

"B" = compound hyper jet electric blower fan

"C" = air stratifier (listed at  harvest Nitrogen

          for the exterior air to the be stored under pressure

          in pressure bottles in the attic

"D" = air exchange ( air purge cycle prevents asphyxiation by Nitrogen saturation)

"E" = Nitrogen vent

"F" = Nitrogen feed line / pipe from attic storage

"G" = air stratifier exhaust multi tube system

"H" = wall stud

"I"  = dry wall

"J" = air exchange hyper compound blower ( electric)

"K" = home internal air evacuation discharge plenum

"L" = interior control panel - contains emergency call able to send address and to First

         Responders when the system's  attached fire / CO ( Carbon Monoxide)  detectors then detect

         fire or Carbon Monoxide  in the dwelling. contains a 120v Ac receptacle and circuit breaker,

         audio alarm audio speakers and system's logic " mapping" electronic control circuits that

         also turn on the the emergency lighting that has the availability for a staggered strobe light

         function to alert the hearing impaired.

* Note - The system uses explosion proof sealed gas type generators and electric motors

            has the availability to cause Ac ( alternating current ), or Dc ( direct current) and

            is independently electrically grounded.

* Note - The stored N2 in the attic space is in gas form ( liquid storage is a bit of a hazard)

* Note - The system also has detection and N2 discharge availability into the attic space.

* Note - The system can power emergency lighting....