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Highway Automotive Storm Shelter

The cost for the production of many of these design then to reduce danger regarding storm can be attained by using to then grow the construction material and fuel less heavy equipment for earth moving......

The design system then requiring many units to be installed to allow the intention to become functional in hail or tornado prone regions  will then require an zero cost of installation to even begin to become feasible. The Algae bio reactor then can produce the structural  shape in linear segments then with three reinforcing "plates" then  in the shape of the interior as a load plate in the shape of a "square" "u" and linear plates then upon the interior of the vertical walls to then also support the inverted apex inverted square "u".

The design then to be able to be place along the high way for vehicles to enter in the advent of high storm . The door then able to be closed by the vehicle pushing the slide bar with the automobile itself to then close the door by cable and linkage system . A manual ratchet may also be installed.

The system is the covered upon the back portions with an earthen cover to sufficient depth to then give adequate protection for high velocity atmospheric advent.

To reduce the effect of flood inundation the placement of the system is then with a drain and earth berm to divert the water to reduce the chance of the system being effected by flooding.

The door hinge pin and inner face of the door then heated to allow the system close in the advent of high snow fall or icing advent.

The  plastic then fiber reinforced form cloth weave of carbon graphite then harvested for the brunt algae char. The plastic is then a blow mold injection part ( non fiber ) form that then are able snap together in contiguous fashion to increase the total length of the system. The parts hollow core then  fill filled with a chop strand plastic composite.

( hydrocarbons extracted fro the oil extracted from the algae). The interior surfaces the of carbon graphite structural members then rivet  into the outer hull together. The large rivet are then composed pf plastic.... The automotive storm shelter hulls then to accommodate the standard vehicle heights.