High Voltage Shield System ( Utility "Grid" Solar Flare protection system)

The following High Tension High Voltage Electricity "transmission line" tool is intended to then power an electromagnetic field from the "leak" of the high tension "line" to then channel the effect of environmental inductance due to electromagnetic storm produced by a solar storm. 

The external magnetic field will increase in intensity via the tools "pick up grid" as the electromagnetic "pulse" then causes induction to the magnetic field increasing the strength of the electromagnets while directing the "overload" to the system ground wire. This should prevent Utility high tension wires from exploding due to high inductance produced from a solar storm.

"Step Down" pole transformers then in the same fashion ie... with a "center open core" electromagnet to then direct via magnetic field induction into increased polarization "higher" magnetic field "strength" to then direct the solar induction to the electrical ground system to prevent transformer damage.

The following transformer then uses "line" current to increase the electromagnets magnet level to "guide" like the aurora borealis "northren lights" the overload current to the system electrical ground. The "pick up" cages then acting as wildlife protection to prevent critter nesting in the transformer "open core" bore.



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