Hexbrick    ( "Hexbrix.com " ) 

The following low cost Home construction concept is able to be constructed with superior resistance to inclement weather and will provide greater safety in critical high velocity atmospheric events  ( hurricanes / tornado ) and will not collapse if constructed correctly in earthquake events..

Currently many countries also have waste disposal problems..landfills  etc.... so then give additional application to the waste making it viable for implementation to then cause a cost reduction for shelter providing a superior design system that then correctly can protect the occupants.

* Note - The advanced house brick system can also then be sold a  " Consumer Product " packaging for food , household items, and or other products to then also reduce the cost of   collection of the Housing system to aid in total cost reduction for implementing the advanced housing system. The advanced product commodity container may also be glass lined to then produce no unwanted effect from the plastic outer  shell. The design then also able to be used as a reusable canning system to store garden produce over the winter....

Among the commodities that could be stored as follows;

  • milk
  • coffee
  • cereal
  • juice
  •  sauce
  • pickles
  • peppers

The food list goes on...

Other commodities my be sold within the advanced packaging design.... for example



nuts and bolts

lawn seed

motor oil

glass cleaner


The list goes on...

It's strange a standard unit of measure for interchangeable parts is common in engineering across the industry why not do the same thin with a product like this?

* Note - The system can also be used as beverage containers for soda ( carbonated soft drinks ) and or

              as plastic water bottles then having the bottle cap upon the small end to then  accept insert

              screw clip for interior layering of chicken wire to accept stucco...  ( both ends may cap ).

              The large end of the hex brick would then be the bottle base also containing the grid
              structure ( same as  the support insert ).

              Then screws would then affix the chicken wire retainer clips to the center of the grid matrix 

              Screwing into a thicker center solid piece.

* Note - If milk containers of HDPE  plastic are  then used with the milk bottles the glued and

             clipped together by small plastic clips then low cost green house may be constructed
              with the used product containers.


              The greenhouse may also require an additional plastic translucent cover sheet as the roofing

              top layer.  ( just a note decomposition heating systems...    ie. rotting mulch then used to heat a

              greenhouse is a good idea...also doubles as soil preparation system) .

              The container top has a handle  upon the container top with as an  option a pour spout 

              spring trigger to cause the ease of dispensing the product if milk... / prevents  split  milk....

              valve is then spring pressured into the closed position.

* Note - The system may also be completed  and secured / affixed to a base that is a  flotation device /

              self rectifying ( weighted base ) for flood plains even as house boats.... even star craft forms.

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