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Hand Towel Dispenser

The hand towel dispenser will then have upon it a tablet to then sell advertisement space then being able to be updated by cell phone

The design will also contain a hot air blower to then assist in drying the hands and emergency lighting to then be activated when the lights art off due to power outage. the system then is also powered by a fuel less hydraulic draft accelerator generator system.

A motion sensor upon the base of the design then actuates the roller assembly,.. to then cause the set length of paper towel to dispense. The emergency lighting system is then actuated by a light sensor ( then detecting darkness ) to then cause current to the lamps / light bulbs / lighting  luminary source. ( there is also a bypass switch position to prevent the emergency lighting from coming on to the save bulb life... used when a store is closed ).

The hot air blower assembly is also activated when the motion sensor then is activated by passing the hand under the towel dispenser . The hot air cycle then is also a timed function to then cause the hot air flow to stop automatically after timed interval.The hot air vents then under the leading edgde of the front of the hand towel unit.

A coupon reel that will dispense discount coupons for retail rebates will also be incorporated in advanced models.