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Golf Riser Cup

The Golf Riser cup is a pneumatic piston with object interference sensor that will solar charge a battery that powers a 12v pneumatic air compressor.... to then actuate a pneumatic piston ( by foot pedal switch and or by infrared remote control ) elevating a cup that contains the golf ball in the center of the golf green.

1. motion detection interference motion halt sensor
2. Golf ball cup
3. pneumatic piston
4. pneumatic flow tube ( under ground ) / send
5. pneumatic flow tube ( under ground ) return
6. Solar panel
7. pneumatic flow tube and one way valve
 ( from 12v air compressor to pressure storage tank )
8. Max pressure over pressure safety pressure relief valve
9. Air pressure storage tank
10. 12v air compressor
11. electric pneumatic valve
12. battery
13. golf green
14. golf ball ( in cup )