Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

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Geo Magnetic Field Amplifier Polaric Ice

( magnetic ice and magnetic glass works)

In the current situation with the Earth's magnetic field failing the area involved.... is massive!

The  magnetism of  the earths poles needs  amplification and alignment focus.

Correcting the magnetic shield of the Earth, is a daunting challenge...

A "solve" may be to use polaric  ( magnetically ) , one pole exposed , magnetic deposition derived from the sodium in sea water upon sand changed into glass or  encapsulated in  ice itself.

The sand harvested by fuel less gold dredge with a glass works station  on board might be made to then coat grains of sand mated to  carbon atoms ( particles) derived from harvest of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Ocean water contains NaCl  ( salt ) The Sodium (Na) is a metal.... the Cl is Chloride....if sodium is transfigured and magnetized then then cause an oceanic sediment on a carbon atom with a magnetic pole sealed... it may over time cause an increase in the total field.

To then be coated with a magnetic coating derived from the sea water itself. Sea water contains

salt  ( NaCl ) so a magnet made of soduim ( Na) will allow for the globular compound to be melted into a homogeneous magnet with the effect of one magnetic pole sealed due to the deposition order.

 A magnetic glass sphere with a  lower hemisphere sphere  of carbon dioxide ( dry ice  / frozen )  then with a barrier of algae derived plastic "insulator" between the top half fill  of water ice with bubbles within the glass sphere.  This will cause the object to vertical align when sinking aligning the exposed magnetics upward.

The  ferromagnetic particulate matter globular composite unipole exposed permanent

magnet ( then being like dust that contains magnetic properties a north and a south pole) will be embedded in the spheres glass with only the top half magnetic with one pole exposed. The lower half of the glass sphere then magnetically insulated ( ie. not to attract closed loop pole effect)

The mechanism for producing the  "product"  then as a ocean buoy that makes magnetic sand / silicate  glass bound polaric unipole magnets  balls ( yes balls sphere same thing...) / columns "record like disk" stationed across the polar regions...

With over 20,000,000 Km2 by area within each polar circle ( North and South ) the use of environmental resource is the only way to even begin to be able to correct a system of this scale.

The chemistry in the natural ecology has many properties with further refinement and or processes that can yield a stable recovery system..

Co2   ( carbon dioxide ), stripped from the atmosphere might cause an alarm due to the seasonal variance that the climate goes through...

Using ( Dry ice ) in the dirty snow balls just a thought... there are ways to change the effect... upon land  total salt sphere water it's a bit different...

Available re-combinates  ( molecule / elemental compounding... chemistry..., then in the natural ecology may in fact cause the alteration to the dry ice's discharge. A Dry Ice "additive".?

The buoy that would then produce the "dirty snowballs / manufactured "magnetic ice bergs" will also be able to accommodate habitation.... an alternate method then being  putting  electromagnets  upon a floating design that can self rectify ( flip itself over ) when required....powered by a fuel less high density power source...

Also within the Geo Magnetic field buoy system a glass works system to then embed , magnetized  silicate with in the sea floor.

Harvested sand  / silicate by on board gold dredge / suction dredge / may pay for some of the operation as gold will be pulled up....

The sand to then form a glass embedded with a uni pole effect magnet formed from the sea

water  ( one pole sealed so that the North /  South " magnetic loop" does not close to then act as an additional micro pull of the poles magnetism.....

The deposition unto the  "ice tac" then accepts the magnetized sand then aligned by rotating high powered electromagnetic upon a rotating boom  followed by flash freezing  ( super cold air jets by nitrogen super cooler exchanger to lock alignment of polarity then  laser welding the glass with locking pattern with different  "weld" depths ( allows for porous channels to allow the magnetic fielding to then connect ... ( ie one pole not magnetically insulated ).

The buoyancy freeze percentile ( keeps the  "column stack" sinking to quickly being able to control the buoyancy of the system ) is then metered by light sensor  (Laser meter) calculating the distance to the top deposition .

The  joined glass spheres or spiral poured slurry ( column forming )  molten bound  (dry magnetized sand ( polaric aligned as to location)  through  plasma arc / sand blaster into large doughnut shaped ring disk  ( with the buoy at the center )  atop the base ice ring, then will sink to the sea floor being the weight for the water ice sphere or doughnut / column...

 I do not think any electrolysis systems will be required for this system to operate correctly..avoiding a hazard with volatile systems is a good idea.

Under deep pressure and cold temperature  the ice will remain frozen as to not have the marine life eat the objects...the "sphere drop tube"  scaled to a size then not to allow wildlife to ingest the spheres when dropping . The ocean floor feeders will more than likely also be too small to confuse the objects as food being as large as they are.......

Columns of up to 1' - 100'+ then released unto the sea floor will cause an " ice magnet " under water.

The sink rate then by the volume percent of ice to the the magnetic glass to then control the depth .... Center centric deposition then to cause the correct vertical alignment upon the sea floor.

Parts List

1. Beacon lamps and transmitter / receiver communications dome

2. Orange flag

3. Pneumatic pistons

4. Glass works processing

5. Solid flotation doughnut ring

6. "Sphere" drop tube flotation

7. Fuel less propulsion deck

8. pneumatic piston travel distance

9. hinging base weight ( flips the craft upright when upside down by hinging left or right)

10. Pneumatic "travel coil" control valve also allows for air discharge  an system pressurization by internal electric air compressor

11. pneumatic impeller

12. pneumatic travel coil

13. pneumatic compressor and attached  input ratio gear set 1:10 ratio gear set  compressor then tandem rotating with the high side of the gear set

14. electric motor

15. pneumatic impeller

16. pneumatic impeller

17. max pressure  over pressure safety valve with discharge vent tube to containment in pneumatic /oil pressure tank

18.  generator control system circuits  / system mapping mapping / logic control circuits

19. Permanent magnetic dynamo / generator

20. high pressure pipe pneumatic pressure tube

21. dual component ( oil pressure air pressure ) draft accelerator

22. pneumatic max pressure safety valve with actuation sensor reporting to the systems control electronics to govern system speed causing flow valve restriction ( slows fluid [ oil ] rate )

23. pneumatic impeller

24. safety valve over pressure,  pressure recovery "tube" captures air pressure when safety valve is opened and returns the pressure to confinement

25. high pressure oil pipe large diameter

26. 1:4 ratio gear set high side tandem to the hydraulic impeller with electric motor tandem with the high side of the ratio gear set fed... current from the pneumatic velocity "boost" system containing the start pressure void / travel coil"/ also contains generator re-dump circuit ie. percentile of the generator then being fed to the ratio gear sets internal electric motor with a variable current level then also governed by the systems speed regulation electronics.

27. (oil) hydraulic  impeller with over pressure safety valve and reclamation oil discharge tube containing actuation sensor that reports to the system's speed control unit. The discharge tube then of larger diameter to accommodate the increased volume of oil then being directer to the oil pump upon assembly number 32

28. draft accelerator assembly

29. pneumatic flow tube

30. hydraulic ( oil ) pressure safety valve with pressure vent tube to dual component pressure storage tank

31. oil flow tube

32. pneumatic compressor with internal ratio gear set of 1:10 with the air pump compressor then tandem with the high side of the ratio, the air compressor and the out put higher rotational rate then tandem with the oil pump upon assembly, number 32 also with additional (internal),  hydraulic impeller and electric valve (intake restriction valve/ regulator) to the counter tilt the gear set's resistance upon the "10" side of the ratio - flow tube originating from the dual component pressure storage tank so that the "silicone oil" is under pressure upon the intake to the hydraulic impeller tandem with the high side ratio gear set in the pneumatic compressor. The discharge of oil pressure from the "then" tandem hydraulic impeller then vents into number 27's dual intake ports.

33. high speed hydraulic pump and flow pipe

34. high voltage generator with internal magneto and bearing ( steel ball brushes ) sealed containing inert gas ( argon)

35. magneto , sealed containing inert gas ( argon)

36. pneumatic venting and snorkel tube ( air intake and air dissipation casing )

37. electric flow restriction valve

38. one way gate valve

39. water pump

40. blower fans

41. oil intake

42. oil return

43. pneumatic discharge port ( coupling )

44. pneumatic discharge port ( coupling )

45. pneumatic intake port ( from base pneumatic compressor number 120 )

46. pneumatic return coupling

47. pneumatic pressure sensor

48. pneumatic over pressure safety valve with pneumatic pressure sensor

49. commutator and roller brushes with internal automatic transmission with transmission output torque tandem with the generator's armature

50. armature lock nut

51. hydraulic over pressure safety valve with hydraulic pressure sensor

52. hydraulic drive impeller  ( rotates tandem with the torque converter of the automatic transmission connected to the armature of the high voltage generator)

53. high pressure flow pipe ( returns oil pressure to the dual component pressure tank faster than the oil is discharged

54. hydraulic flow pipe

55. hydraulic one way flow valve with internal hydraulic pressure sensor assist in systems governing for safe operation  reports to logic processing and control circuits

56. Start valve ( actuation by solenoid  and capacitor electrical storage system )

57. one way flow valve

58. pneumatic one way flow valve

59. access hatch

60. chamber temperature sensor reports to the system logic control circuits to then activate the cooling system / starts the blower fans

61.  generator systems cap cover also containing flow tube pressure sensors for flow pipes

62. multi wire "ribbon" bus connector

63. pneumatic feed pipe to travel coil ( low pressure  "start"  " run" / cycle in the "travel coil")

64. over pressure pneumatic return pipe ( to dual pressure confinement pressure tank )

65. electric resistance element  upon the fold out ionizer / (ozone former heater element)

66. ionizer flow tubes ( to produce ozone ) low level production inter mitten / monitored! so gas rise occurs  then repairing the upper atmosphere

67. hot water flow pipe fed by on demand electric water heater to "cut" the base ice ring

68. Stator / field coil

69. electric motor armature

70. flywheel gear

71. hydraulic impeller

72. hydraulic pressure safety valve vent tube oil reclamation tube vents post one way valve to the dual component pressure storage tank

73. "rocker" assembly actuated the push rods operating the valves by the upper "rocker assembly"

74. roller "brush" assembly electric motor "brushes"

75. commutator

76. valve cam can be a rounded square lobed  or rectangular  - diamond shape ( like playing card diamond shape deck ) ( full stroke ) , valve  cam too...

77. inner gear rotary type air compressor crank shaft gear causes piston motion

78. hydraulic impeller exhaust vent tube

79. hydraulic one way valve

80. rotary type pneumatic air compressor ( inter mitten operation  )

81. pneumatic intake tube from snorkel / exhaust then venting through number 58  and pipe to the dual component pressure tank

82.  hydraulic max pressure safety valve with internal actuation sensor to then control the hydraulic pressure via control valve ( electric )

83. rotary type pneumatic air compressor hydraulic actuation flow tube

84. Beacon and transmitter / receiver communications dome

85. Mast

86. Mast casing encapsulating draw cables stainless steel cords

87. hot water "cutter" spray head and electric pivot servo ( cuts rings in the ocean ice for deposition of magnetized glass

88.  hinging ionizer  "boom" arms multiple units at quadrant points upon a circle sum of four

89.  fixed support brace

90. hinge draw cable safety cable ( stainless steel cable ) raises and lowers the ionized boom arm also tension to the closed  or almost vertical position by retention springs ie. the cable pulls and lowers the ionized boom arm

91. ionizer boom cable mount

92.  circular motion rotational assembly  ( via electric motors so that the water cutters the can rotate about 360 degrees

93. Leading edge water spray system ( sprays in advance of the slurry of magnetic sand "unipole"

( only one magnetic pole exposed - one pole magnetically sealed ) as to location geographic ... aligned magnetic "North" upon the north pole region and magnetic "South" if in the Southern region

94. heated cap cover containing N2 ( nitrogen super cooler to flash freeze the deposition and lock tac prior to the magnetic sand deposition

95. "sand slurry" pre-treated to seal one magnetic pole deposition system containing / like a concrete spray pumping system

96. hinge with cable pulley roller additional cable to then pull the ozone arms down also connected to the electrically motorized wench

97. roller pulley

98. cable draw motor ( electric wench )

99. access hatch  to habitat water tight and systems component chambers

100.  venting habitation chamber venting

101. dredge "bay" and pumping  systems , also magnetization of the harvested sand chamber

102. solid flotation sealed "hull"

103. "glass works"  "deposition boom" rotator deck motivational systems

104. ice cutter heated hull

105. telescoping self rectification pneumatic  piston " flip boom"

106. "flip boom" hinged" inertia instigator  .. if the vessel is inverted the piston ejects then the inertia instigator hinges causing the mass of  number 107 to cause the vessel to upright itself

107.  whale safe base weight

108.  water jet discharge spray heads for magnetic disk buoyancy balance so the column does not sink to fast a balanced percentile of water ice then to the glass to keep the column floating or to control it's ocean floor placement  when formed

109. electromagnetic polarity alignment for the magnetic sand followed by flash freezing then welded homogeneously by lasers with flow channels there in not to seal the polaric magnetic field

110. welding lasers ( melts the glass while the electromagnetic sustains magnetic alignment locking the magnetic polarity in place )

111.  hydro drive deck ( electric water jet propulsion ) 360 rotation ( like common tug boat  but fuel less motivation by fuel less generator system)

112. heated deck ( electric resistance )

113. inner  ice ring guide  circular 360 degrees

114. center pneumatic piston

115. flotation sphere solid float fill with core hollow ( doughnut shape )

116. ballast casing ( contains water and air pumping systems for the base hollow sphere, number 117 - assist in self rectification

117. ballast sphere

118. inertia tilt  length ( when inverted the distance will allow for hinge upon the hinge starting the weighted inertia to cause self rectification / flips the vessel upright )

119.  total length of self rectification boom ( pneumatic piston system )

120. hydraulically driven rotary type pneumatic compressor location

121. buoy generator system

*Note - The glass works deposition system the redundant ie the sum of two to then counter balance each other upon each side of the buoy, ( for the model containing the Ozone production system).

* Note - The generator system is electrically insulated from the hull of the vessel and correctly grounded to an insulated ( from the hull ),   encased electrical "sink" capacitor system to allow for controlled discharge of static electricity from air pressure flow  preventing high tension electricity build up also with an "all stop" safety function sensor system should the electrical grounding system  have component failure.

The casing of the generator itself then upon an independent systems similar to the static electricity  control system but then of greater capacity resilience to control the high tension that could form upon the systems casing. The communications dome ( number 1 or number 84 )  also contains a systems to control lighting strike in the same fashion then keeping the transmitter equipment safe from high voltage produced from a lighting strike. The communications dome then also not electrically conductive the the hull of the vessel.

The system will not require constant occupancy as the systems then are autonomous and remotely monitored only traveled to in good weather conditions.. ;)!


The above design systems   , then being two models of oceanic buoy. The types then following in text will be referred to as the "Ozone" buoy and the " glass ball" buoy.

The production of Ozone upon the polar regions of the planet is a good idea ... Currently the world does not have a mechanical tool to replace the atmospheric ozone and the gas, at high altitude, acts like a radiation shield protecting plant life and people from over exposure to solar radiation that also causes skin cancer.

Many factors can damage ozone... though we have banned CFC's ( chlorofluorocarbons )..there are other things that can cause the loss of the gas. After reviewing Climate Change for many years I'm not finding a correlation to the gas loss mentioned and I do believe it is a factor in the complex climate equation. A brief explanation of the chain reaction.... Co2 is a trigger system for Methane release...yielding the atmosphere hotter also factoring for increased water content in the atmosphere...

The particulate matter then produced from industry and electricity power generation ( coal ) then dims the solar gain level to a certain extent masking the effect of the solar gain vs. greenhouse gas's effect at the input solar radiation level at greenhouse gas saturation levels.

The systems entropy then with people caught up in the politics ( really and issue of money as a back side of the argument for deniers ie. because it effects the way commerce / business  is structured)

These things also effect the Earth's magnetic field density  permeation level  ..the magnetic field of the planet is observed as weakening over many years and in mechanics had a solve. There is hope but it required all Nations to assist each other in the effort!

Atmospheric rise due to heating also then causing upper atmospheric turbulence vertical as well as horizontal then lifts the upper Atmospheric gases into different gravity conditions..

The further from the surface of the planet you are the less gravity you feel.. the same applies to the gas molecules that compose the ionosphere also effecting the ozone layer! Solar wind / solar "pressure" then lateral has a greater effect on the then more loosely bound gas.

Critical the sequence of advent is critical to understand and it!

The chain reaction involves "Peak Oil", Hyper Inflation ( monetary ), pollution ..... cheap oil is running electricity prices rise also the commodities / product prices rise.... fuel cost rise... automation in manufacturing  then replaces jobs while hyper population is occurring.... food cost rise.... transportation cost rise... while water availability decreased for agriculture and domestic use in par due to the ecology poisoned. Businesses fail  ( no one then pays the electricity bill causes less particulate / environmental pollution reduces "global dimming"  ) when no one buys their products and the jobs disappear... this causes the tax base and infrastructure in a more hazardous condition yielding more injury to people due to the increased hazard levels due to neglect and failure to maintain the infrastructure at correct levels due to loss of money.

When the pollution is reduced greater solar gain occurs!

The increased equatorial elevated atmosphere then leading  ( with increased atmospheric ridging ), leads to Ozone layer gas loss causing irradiation of the surface of the Earth! The increased radiation from the Sun this is then killing plant and animal life !

Molecular densities of the atmospheric gases also a factor the gases buoyancy of the gas, ie it's natural stratification... carbon dioxide is heavy displaced oxygen  O3 ( Ozone) stratifies upward... the planet then resembling a sphere with an inner tube shape around the equator.... now factor for spin.. ( earths rotation..... atmospheric mass with inertia....also a factor in the equation! Day and night and associated heating plus thermal gain.... atmospheric dynamic produce gas loss of radiation shielding in a compounding equation?

A time rate incline occurs then a factor in calculating the compound equation... the tools to correct the condition must be presented in tandem.... the Co2 problem and incline rate problem can be corrected by oceanic distillation by fuel less generator cost effective for agriculture then also to plant prairie land scrub grass ( prevents a "dust bowl" effect like in the 1930's ) then with automatic watering systems to capture the CO2 in the root systems . 

This may delay the methane release from malfunctioning ocean current releasing the Methane hydrate / methane ice in the tropics as the ocean current may be disrupted from too much fresh water  altering the ocean current.

The entropy in the reaction must be disrupted!

The design systems contained upon the site can alter many conditions... please review..

The "Ozone buoy" is a multiple function tool design system to the be able to harvest CO2 ( carbon dioxide ) via Amine Scrubber, produce Ozone, dredge gold and manufacture magnetic glass to increase the basal ( base ) magnetism of the polar regions. The planets magnetic field and

increased altitude produced by heat and flow ( atmospheric roller coaster effect deemed "ridging" / vertical rise and fall due to daily heating and nocturnal cooling cycles ). 

Design Desk Inc. is then also addressing the energy requirement to cause the allowance for the correction of the system.

The "Ozone buoy contains  a fuel less  high density power production system for electricity and hydraulic power conversion systems to then operate the buoy systems. (Depicted as number 121).

The generator is then a dual component pressure cycle that "drafts" ( causes suction ) of pressure ( pneumatic / air pressure ) to then advance hydraulic fluid ( silicone oil ) hat high rate and pressure to then be used to rotate a generator to power all buoy systems.

The "air pressure" in the dual component pressure storage tank then acts like a piston causing constant hydraulic pressure with the pumping system putting the operation fluid and air pressure back into confinement in the dual component pressure storage tank faster than they are discharged. This yields constant feed pressure to generate electricity.