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* Note - The pneumatic flow lines ( tubes ) are electrically grounded and are also insulated ( fiber glass insulation then wrapped by fiber glass cloth plus epoxy
               resin )  to allow for a higher safety rating. The wrapped insulated pneumatic flow tubes and compressor casings pressure containment rating shall exceed the
              operational requirement pressure containment  rating of the primary pressure storage tank number 19,  to prevent rupture hazard due to component failure.

* Note - Upon the flow tube post number 10 the pneumatic pressure transfer tube then also directs the flow to number 5 , compressor impeller assembly driving the low
              end of the geared amplification...the valve the listed as 5 on said flow tube has a max pressure safety pressure relief valve depicted after the valve yet is part of the
             valve number 5 so that the pressure vent port is at the base of number 5 and acts as a by pass flow tube alternative should the valve be closed to far....

* Note - Percentile of generated electrical current in number 17 is then regulated and then fed to number 18, electric motor....this also pressurizes the "tilt" and applies
             magnetic pressure in forward advancement.

* Note - Number 3 is a two stage max pneumatic pressure safety pressure relief valve ...The first stage vents to the return tubes then contained within the system ...the second
             stage vents the pneumatic pressure to the exterior of the system into "open" air.

* Note - This system uses a non-flamable lubricant. Static electricity may occur upon the chain sprocket assembly. The chain boxes will also be vented....

* Note - The mounting frame  for the assemblies will also provide for pneumatic flow tube electrical grounding as the flow of pneumatic pressure can produce static electricity.

* Note - As an added safety measure the flow tubes will be wrapped with  fiber glass insulation  ( 1 1/2 " ) then   wrapped in spiral fashion with Fiber glass cloth plus
              epoxy resin to the thickness to prevent  ( projectile from flow pipe rupture ) Aprox 1/2" of fiber glass cloth plus epoxy resin ( outer pipe shell  ie.  wrap full pneumatic system...  ).
              Do allow for pneumatic pressure venting  when wrapping the outer system "shell".... Additionally a band of carbon graphite  ( thermally cured in enclave )
              around the outer most shell container to prevent projectile of impeller vane should component failure occur. the carbon graphite ring.. will be then placed around the
             circumference of the compound wheel and secured in place by adhesive.