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Generator X

Parts List

1. combined component pressure storage tank ( silicone oil and pneumatic pressure)

2. hydraulic ( oil ) one way valve

3. hydraulic flow tube

4. hydraulic regulation valve ( two intakes one outlet) connection

    couplings...( electric or manual actuation)

5. pulley 10" diameter

6. hydraulic impeller

7. 1:10 ratio gear set ( high side rotation to number 8 )

8. electric motor

9. hydraulic pump

10. pneumatic impeller

11. R.P.M. sensor ( revolutions per minute )

12. pneumatic  "start" valve ( electric or manual actuation)

13. pneumatic max pressure safety valve

14. max draft air inlet safety valve ( also under high hydraulic suction air to enter the oil tube the

      causing a bit of a stall..

15.  electronics  "bay" systems logic control circuits  references r.p.m. / controls electric flow

       valves/ contains electrical current inversion and conversion fro Ac ( alternating current to

       Dc ( direct current " current inverter/ voltage regulator. on off switching. Number 15 also contains

       and final electricity output receptacle for use as an emergency generator for a domicile and

       or to power other application such as water purification via distillation or an electric motor to

       drive a tractor or automobile.

16.  generator (Ac with permanent magnet " Magneto" to feed the field coil / Stator

17. 1: 2 ratio gear set ( high side tandem to number 16's armature)

18.  air compressor also as a refrigeration compressor

19. electric clutch ( mechanical )

20. pulley 4"diameter

21. drive belt

22. small pulley 4"diameter

23. pulley 6"diameter

24. 12v Dc ( direct current ) "alternator or dynamo "  connects to number 15 via wire bus generator

25. air exhaust box contains air filter sponge

26. pneumatic flow tube with couplings

27. hydraulic flow tube with couplings

28.  wire bus connector

29. air filter intake

30. one way valve ( pneumatic)

31.  drive shaft

32. air flow tube

33. nut

34. pressure tank pneumatic pressure sensor reports to number 15 to extrapolate the valve position

      and also to engage or not to engage the electric clutch upon the air compressor , number 18

*Note -  percentile of number 16's out put electrical current is then regulated via  voltage regulator with the current then controlled by potentiometer / variable resistor and directed via wires to the electric drive motor number 8.

Following find the design system with an addition hydraulic "counter tilt" upon the generator drive line with additional hydraulic impeller contained within the 1:20 ratio gear set with the hydraulic impeller then having tandem rotation with the high side of the ratio gear set.

The above design system  schematic  is then with the same parts list as listed above. The  By adding a number 6 to the ratio gear set , number 17 the resistance of the ratio gear set and the resistance produced from the magnetic fields will then be nullified by the basal ( base ) operating pressure then contained within the combined component pressure storage tank. In addition the effect of drafting a fluid through a tube will cause incline rotation within the system.

The design "drafts" itself forward by hydraulic suction then replacing the fluid in the pressure tank , number 1, faster than it is being discharged.

With the above modification the diameter of the flow tube is then modified... the hydraulic flow tubes into number 14 then at 1" and the outlet then being 2.75" diameter.  Adding a "counter tilt" hydraulic flow system reduces  the max pressure in the pressure tank thus lowering the operating pressure.

Following please find the system with an additional counter tilt system in the hydraulic draft assembly then having an additional number 6 added to the 1:10 ratio gear set with the internal hydraulic impeller then tandem rotating with the high side of the ratio gear set.

The parts list is the same labeling for this schematic as listed above.

In the design system it is critical that the flow tubes for air and oil be electrically grounded..a charge indication to inform the system that static electricity is building may act as a fault indicator system to the cause a system shut down or an "all stop" function to keep the design safe.

* Note - the flow tube then exiting number 14 is the twice the total volume  ( diameter ) of the three inflow tubes diameter into number 14.  The fluid exhaust tube then exiting number 9, is also in the same fashion. This allows for the "draft effect" to cause rotational rate incline of the total system. Ie if the inflow tubes to number 14 are 3/4" then times three and it = 2 1/4" then the exhaust tube is then 4 1/2".

The flow valve , number 4 then is a multi port flow valve to also allow for balanced system advancement with safety fault to then restrict the flow for the acceleration of the cycle as the basal pressure in the pressure storage tank is then overcomming the resistance produced while generating and when using a ratio gear set.