Fuel Less Generator

This system uses air pressure vented unto an impeller to cause rotation of a re-designed electric motor with a hydraulic pump and electromagnetic clutch attached to the armatures drive shaft.  The re-designed electric motor has an electromagnetic clutch that advances the field coil of the electric motor.  The clutch will advance in the same direction as the armatures rotation and will slip as it is doing so.  The hydraulic pump advances the pressurized fluid unto the second assembly causing the rotation of the field coil that advances the pneumatic turbo compressor .  The turbo compressor is a centrifugal compressor.  The pneumatic flow of pressure is then directed unto an impeller attached to the generator and turbo compressor's field coil  drive shaft.  This advances the rate of the second assembly causing high speed flow on low input current.  The flow cycles unto the primary impeller attached to the re-designed electric motor.  The second electromagnetic clutch on the redesigned electric motors drive shaft drives a high voltage generator.  The high voltage generator's output current is then fed to the application.  The generator feeds current to the re-designed electric motor, the computer mapping (flow control), the electric drive motor for the turbo compressor and both electromagnetic clutches.
The battery system is used when applied to mobile systems as it reduces the size of the pneumatic pressure storage tank. Upon restart of the system the current is also initially pulled from the battery for the turbo compressors speed and also fed to the re-designed electric motor and clutches then the battery system will switch to feed current from the generator . There should be ample current to then charge the battery.  It should also be noted that an insulating barrier should be wrapped  between the redesigned electric motor and the electromagnetic clutch that advances the field coil for the re-designed electric motor.

This system demonstrates the pressurization of a forward tilt with the addition of an advancing field coil. The advancing field coil allows for ultra high rates of rotation on low input current.

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