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Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

Foundation Support System

The following design system is then lowered into a stabilized bore hole post being drilled and supported with a rigid paper/ or plastic  tube.  The design then melts sand blown in from a sandblaster to then form a glass column then locking to the foundation of a house in sink holes prone areas. The column tube earth retainers will tend to catch  fire when the molten glass is being deposited so a safe fire  retardant is then used.

The system is lowered into place by crane and wench system then is extracted slowly as the column forms. Toward the locking top connecting to the foundation inter link connecting members will then cause the vertical  glass piles to then retain their alignment by bolt locking brackets then keeping the system stable.The brackets will also contain mooring hoops to then cable off at a distance to anchor the brackets by stainless steel cable and anchor system then anchored to another anchored foundation weight . The cable system will repeat then around the perimitter of the dwelling assisting the structures stability multiple cables as per required.... site specific..