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Float Bottles

The  "Y" on the lowest 2 liter plastic soda bottle is the one way pneumatic fill valve.....
additional valves added on off and pneumatic travel coil tube pressure dump venting valve will also be installed....
A pneumatic valve upon exit of tube from lowest bottle  ( in - line flow ) and valve placed upon discharge flow tube  from the middle bottle ( before ratio gear set air pump).
The top bottle  has   in -line flow valves  placed before the one way valves upon the top bottle they  also to the have ability to vent the  return coil tube. ( venting capacity pre- start
 sequence ).

System composed of three,  2  liter bottles......

Inert fill gas ( Argon ) and ground shell for static electricity ( air can be used but additional electrical grounding must be installed like a electro static current pick up metal grid within the flow lines.

A "start accelerator" electric "winder" to then assist in the velocity of the gear sets then by battery powered electric motor  with  square rotating post ( drives recess upon the gear set ) can be used to cause inertia in the ratio gear sets.

Then the motors can switch to generators and charge the battery.

Upon the 1:10 ratio gear set the "1" is connected to a pneumatic impeller  ( rotational input ) and the "10" ( rotational output ) is then connected to an air compressor centrifugal type.