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Fire Suppression Drone (Near Earth Object - Asteroid impact mitigation tool)

The following design system is a flight drone that can accommodate an occupant. The system is a "active" fire suppression method to then extract oxygen from the air directly above an active wild fire using arc destruction for oxygen removal, causing the continual production of chilled compressed Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide to then be used upon the fire as a fire suppressant.

The flight drone then may also be useful in ocean search and rescue being a flight craft that does not require fuel for long duration search. The top mounting tool "groove" then may accommodate a boom and net deployment system to, at range, safely redirect an Earth impacting asteroid or comet. Multiple craft may be required. The net metal cable core then an insulated electric resistor (heater filament) to maintain material selection strength as the low temperature of outer space causes the "embrittlement" of material.

Parts List

1. air flight hyper electric jet engine discharge "rotator"

2. "rotator" control arm controls the position of the rotator

3. hyper jet air flight "rotator" hydraulic piston system changes position of the "rotator"

4. hydraulic piston pivot mount

5. screened air intake side port

6. electric motor transonic pneumatic impeller

7. electric "counter tilt" high speed ratio gear set (graphite lubrication / gear pump stir by internal air flow draft)

8. high speed transonic air flow compressor and electric "brush less" electricity generator about

    the circumference of the air compression fan

9. intake air flow louver system (hydraulic actuation) used in high speed flight to allow more air into

    the two electric air flight hyper jets

10. forward deflection pyramid (solid surface)

11. air intake louvers

12.  video camera for instrumentation panel display monitor

13. environmental sensor array (to also detect radiation levels)

14. exterior lighting lamp

15. bolt system (mounts letter "B" into it's external shock casing upon the 360 degree rotation mounting)

16. decompression "pressure sphere"

17.  super cooler refrigeration refrigerant flow pipes

18. super cooler refrigeration compressor and electric circuit controlled refrigerant switch block

19. super cooler refrigerant pressure tank with refrigerant fill compression fitting upon the flow pipe union

20. engine management control electronics "Bay" control electronic unit

21. thru bore electricity transfer slip ring / multi path signal for the helm to communicate with the engine

22. injector particle accelerator (electron injection plus electromagnetic "bottle" to focus ion flow from the

      coil particle accelerator that produces low pressure within the engine force displacement end of the

      sealed electric lifter motor)

23. ion flow restriction valve assist in the retainment of "pressure" within number 24

24. pressure sphere

25. engine flow temperature control valve

26. magnetic field accelerator field pump particle accelerator helical coil to "off set" the resultant return

      force offsetting the "force static" then the flow cycle

27.  electric motor compression transonic jet fan ( brush less electric motor )

28. engine main body venturi

29.  electricity generator transonic air flow impeller transonic fan and input rotation to the high speed air

       flow compressor number 27 with a 1:20 ratio gear set connecting the drive line so that the air compression

       fan rotates twenty times faster than the impeller fan -  magnetics in the generator system basal intensity

       level to allow for  electrical "tilt" ie... to produce more electric current than is being used by the acceleration

       electric motor air flow compressor electric motor, number 27 - engine internal  "inert gas pressure level" -

       p.s.i. - pounds per square inch) a factor

30.  engine thrust discharge venturi vents high speed inert gas air flow into low / negative  "pressure" (vacuum)

31.  thrust venturi over pressure safety valve and pressure sensor reports to engine management for

       safe operation

32.  electric compound hyper jets causes low negative pressure in the aft of the engine system and vents to

       the helical particle accelerator coil

33. high speed ratio gear set to cause acceleration by inert gas "draft effect" 1:150 ratio gearing

      sealed lubrication - contains electric counter tilted internal gearing and electric inductance grounding


34. brush less electric motor upon the circumference of the vacuum jet field coil

35. vacuum chamber

36.  chilled air flow return pipe encased with the super cooler's refrigeration system evaporator insulated

       shock casing feeds air to letter "L"

37. dual super cooler evaporators

38. electrical current pick up contained within number 29

39. brush less electricity generator rotating field coil

40. electron injector - ionizes the inert gas (Argon) within the engine system - also used for high speed flight

41. pneumatic impeller

42. main electron injector

43. electron injector

44. electricity transference slip ring

45. micro wave transmitter to "pressurize" the flow of ionized plasma by carrier wave compression

46. letter "b" outer casing for the engine's 360 degree rotation rotator mounting hydraulic fluid positioning

      to spin the sealed jet, Letter "B"

47. electric motor and reduction gearing with safety system for correct operation tandem rotating with

      the hydraulic position impeller in number 45 to the assist in the control of the position of letter "B"

48. cargo "bay" hydraulic piston system lowering system pressurized part of the drone that runs the length

      of the vehicle

49. lower hull surface cargo bay floor (non slip surface)

50. outer hull electromagnet ship shield magnetic surface

51. internal air processing and atmospheric storage CO2 scrubbers (redundant) water processing

52. electronics "bay" accessible from the interior of the craft (instrumentation electronics - dial flight


53. levitation hydraulic piston assembly

54. pitch yaw roll levitation system - the sealed motor in letter "E" also assist in pitch yaw roll

55. cockpit roll electric motor and gear assembly

56. craft hydraulic pressure electric motors "brush less" electric motor flight controls

57. craft hydraulic pump used for the hydraulic flight control system (also with

      cross over flow valve system to use the hydraulic flight control system hydraulic pressure to lower

      the landing gear or vise versa to use the landing gear hydraulic pressure to route to the flight

      controls - used if component failure occurs

58. landing gear hydraulic pressure system "brush less" electric motor

59. landing gear hydraulic pressure system hydraulic pump

60. landing gear hydraulic piston system

61. landing gear sway bar and shock absorption (shock absorption piston system - strut)

62. landing gear tire

63. cockpit chair - toilet - heater seat - stereo - communications system

64. instrumentation arm rest - cup holder - ship instrumentation display panel

65. septic treatment system

66. armor lock (used in high speed flight as the occupant then stands inn the vertical position for better

      shielding after the cockpit chair has tilted forward and allows the pilot to stand upon the grid particle

      detector - a safety feature to warn of high energy particle gain vs. speed of flight craft)

67. particle detection grid standing platform

68. landing gear tire

69. instrumentation display panel environmental atmospheric "jack in" for sealed space suit should hull

      breach occur redundant / emergency atmospheric "pressure" space suit umbilical jack in

70. water / lamp / ship internal heating and ventilation system

71. water / lamp / ship internal heating and ventilation system

72. tool dock hydraulic piston system

73. tool dock lock

74. tool dock lock

75. tool dock lock electromagnet

76. hull insulation micro particle impact shied surrounds the occupiable compartment - pressurized

      hull - entry hatch behind the levitation "tumbler" letter "D"

77. external vessel shield electromagnet shielded magnet pole -  magnetic shielding for the internal of the

      craft to then not effect the pilot with high intensity magnetism

78.  external hull magnetic shield electromagnetic emission points at number 50 both sides of the craft

79. levitation tumbler field coil

80. levitation core guide roller wheel

81. levitation tumbler "armature frame"

82. armature frame fixed electromagnet

83. height adjustable electromagnet

84. height adjustable electromagnet connecting bracket

85. tension guide hoop accepts slide bar - upon each "end" of electromagnetic plates that have

      height adjustment (keeps the adjustable electro-magnetics aligned - slide bar the locks to the field coil

      of the levitation tumbler)

86. armature frame fixed electromagnet

87. armature frame core spindle

88. adjustable electro-magnets connecting bracket

89. hydraulic pressure coupling - causes the level adjustment of hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic piston

      number 90 that raises or lowers the adjustable electro-magnets to produce lift upon the armature frame

      at the roller wheel contact points thus lifting the circular field coil that is mounted to the vessel

      hull - inner hydraulic fluid pipe mounting the has the ability to rotate for structural integrity of the

      hydraulic fluid flow pipe from number 94

89. hydraulic fluid pressure coupling

90. hydraulic piston

91. armature frame

92. lower "plate" connects the bracket that raises and lowers the adjustable electromagnets

93. electric motor armature windings allows for the lift vector of the levitation assembly to change position

      about 360 degrees circular armature sum of two each side of the levitation tumbler the circular

      armature then bolts to the frame also locking  by bolt system to the fixed electromagnetic plates. The

      rise plates (electro-magnetics), then are able to remain in their reference by the guide bars that allow

      motion travel by electromagnetism

94. hydraulic piston mounting assembly - mounts to sealed lubrication bearing races that have the core

      spindle at their center

95. thru bore electricity transference "slip ring" multi path circuit slip ring

96. hydraulic fluid flow pipe

97. connecting rod bore hole

98. nut and bolt assembly  (the adjustable electromagnetic "plates" move in tandem)

99. locking hydraulic piston and plate union

100. roller wheel guide track affixed to the circular frame of the levitation tumbler that accommodates the

        field coil wire windings

101. hover motor mounting frame mount points (rotates 360 degrees)

102. hover motor mounting frame  (rotates 360 degrees)

103. hover motor electric motor (rotates the force displacement of the sealed force vectoring hover motor

        letter "A")

104. hydraulic positioner for the hover motor

105. radian sensor (detects the position of the displacement force vector to then allow for the helm to

        adjust the hover motor's position) used with the electric motor number 103

106. hydraulic fluid flow pipe

107. hydraulic fluid flow pipe

108. ribbon wire / multi wire radian sensor current feed

109.  letter "B" pressure tank for high velocity ionized Argon

110. dual coil flow pipe to the pressure chamber for the main electric jet

111. vacuum chamber elongation - allows for better performance dynamic

112. aerodynamic flow guide

113. pneumatic compressor and brush less electric motor air flow compression fan electric turbo jet

114. high speed compression jet fan electricity generator brush less generator 1:20 ratio gear set so that

        the electric generator jet fan is rotating twenty times faster than the input rotation produced by the

        pneumatic impeller, number 113

115. high velocity return coil to offset the "static" in the force equation by perpendicular reintroduction

        of flow velocity

116. vacuum jet fan system electric (sum of four) about the center point of a circle to "cause" negative

       pressure at the discharge of pressure and velocity

117. brush less electric motor  transonic impeller accelerates the compression fan (number 113),

        compressor air flow chamber discharge into valve venturi "funnel" with 9 port holes to then increase

        air flow discharge pressure

118.  electric cable wench (rescue wench)

119.  cable hook

120. air craft lamp

121. electric motor and reduction gear assembly (drive chain and sprocket system - locking ratchet)

122. drive chain

123. drive chain

124. tension sprocket adjustable

125. mounting base locks to number 75

126. active fire suppression boom structural member

127. electric motor sprocket / drive chain wench system to "tilt" the active fire suppression

        air stratifier liquefaction unit letter "C"

128. drive chain

129. hinge

130. quick release union plate allows for quick exchange of the fire suppression head

131. hinge

132. magnetic field inductance control cage (prevents engine loss due to electromagnetic pulse)

133. impact / insulator - carbon carbon + expansion gel laminate

134. boom guide plate (also mounts number 124)

135. impact casing

136. aircraft beacon lamp

137. plasma arc oxygen destruction unit - removes the O2 (oxygen) from the system intake air

138. liquid N2 (nitrogen pressure tank)

139. air intake orifice

140. fire suppression exhaust air flow (minus the oxygen)

141. pneumatic draft impeller drives the piston type air compression pump in tandem with the electric

        clutch upon the drive line

142. two cylinder liquefaction compression pumps (sum of two independent units)

143. air flow distributor

144. super cooler evaporator cooling exchanger flow pump

145. lower evaporator (refrigeration system) chills the air flow travel coil entering number 170

146. super cooler evaporator

147. super cooler refrigeration compressor

148. super cooler refrigeration switch block

149. super cooler refrigeration refrigerant tank

150. super cooler condenser cooling fans










160. super cooler condenser

161. casing vents

162. refrigerant fill valve one way valve

163. refrigeration evaporator

164. air intake vents

165. reintroduction air flow sensors / valve system includes pressure sensors

166. electric clutch

167. electric compound hyper jet blower fan system electric jet engine

168. 1:150 ratio gear set to then cause acceleration by pneumatic draft

169. electric blower and electric motor circumference

170. air flow distributor valve system

171. pneumatic travel coil "chilled"

172. super cooler evaporator


174. super cooler condenser

175. air flow distributor - the system also uses long tubes perpendicular to the air stratifier head to increase

        the fire suppression effective area

176. vacuum chamber

177. air compressor - refills automatically

178. air compression control system

179. static electricity control unit remove unwanted electrical charge from the flow system

180. pulley

181. marker / work lamp aircraft beacon lamp

182. oil fill coupling

183. valve control solenoid

184. vacuum system negative pressure in the lower part of the hover motor

185. pressurized chamber  compression seal

186. flight control yolk

letter "A" = main hull lifting bank hover motors sum of six total three each side ( sealed force

                  vectoring ) - contains venturi restriction lock plate between the hyped electric compression system

                  and the vacuum producing fans. the venturi "plate" then containing multiple funnel shape venturi to

                  compress the air flow and increase the air flow speed sum of 9  eight in equal spaced circular

                  array and a larger diameter port venturi /  "funnel" in the center of the plate as the main thrust port

letter "B" = hover motor with electron compression by frequency transmitter (high speed flight sealed 

                  force vectoring)

letter "C" = super cooler and active nitrogen carbon dioxide used as a fire suppressant

letter "D" = levitation core / levitation "tumbler" a multi position electromagnetic lifter motor power feed by

                   flex ribbon wire to the electromagnetic plates

letter "E" = fuel less "pressurized hydraulic draft effect fuel less electricity generator"

letter "F" =

letter "G" = air flight electric compound hyper jet

letter "H" = air flight electric jet air velocity displacement rotator

letter "I" = hover motor mounting frame and electric motor system to control the orientation of

                force displacement circular rotation

letter "J" = particle accelerator assist in negative pressure / vacuum in the aft chamber

letter "K" = wild fire suppression boom

letter "L" = vacuum producing electric hyper jet

letter "M" = hydraulic fluid restriction valve electric circuit controlled

letter "N" = hydraulic fluid impeller centrifugal type

letter "O" = voltage regulator feeds controlled electricity level to the field coil armature - circuit contained

          so that the field coil armature within the high voltage electrical generator can be increased

letter "P" = dual shaft electric drive motor brush less

letter "Q"= electricity thru bore electrical current transfer slip ring used to electrify one half of

                  the electromagnetic clutch

letter "R" = electromagnetic clutch

letter "S" = redundant magneto "back up" also acts as resistance break to prevent "run away effect"

                  current transfer slip ring to "electrify one half of the electromagnetic clutch

letter "T" = magneto permanent magnet electricity generator "brush less"

letter "U" = 1:20 ratio gear set - high side of the ratio gear set tandem rotating with the armature

                  of letter "V" allows for electrical transference from the voltage regulator to the field coil armature

                  of the high voltage generator, letter"V"

letter "V" = high voltage brush less electricity generator

letter "W" = high speed hydraulic fluid, fluid pump

letter "X" = pneumatic "start" impeller

letter "Y" = r.p.m. ( revolutions per minute sensor) reports to the generator's speed control electronics

                  to maintain safe operating speed

letter "Z" = electricity generator control electronics sonic "on / off" switch


The above design concept is an advancement in large wildfire suppression allowing for on site active collection of fire suppression material. ie... the air itself is a fire suppression material once the oxygen has been extracted or "converted" in CO2 / N2.  This allows for a quicker fire extinguishment of the fire as the drone then can be in use without having to fetch water, as helicopter's do or reload fire retardant as large aircraft do...

It is important to understand that this design concept then also does not require fuel to operate. The system is electric. The design system will "break gravity" without fuel then able to be used as an asteroid impact avoidance tool. To then keep the earth safe from asteroid impacts.

* Note - letter "E" powers letter "A" with the assistance of the produced electrical current from number 114

* Note - redundant letter "E" placed behind the levitation tumbler to power craft systems sum of 4 - lift level

             to counteract tool "weight"