Environmental Extreme Bio Suit

In the world today many locations and work functions then become dangerous for people due to the environmental temperature. Hot weather makes even simple task difficult or dangerous. Cold weather is no different. With this design system  then implementing micro refrigeration to then cool a back rest panel with the evaporation of a refrigerant causing, through the thermally conductive material selection choice of the back rest panel, a cooling or heating panel the by the selection of the flow .

For heating additional electric resistance heating elements can be used then powered by the fuel less hydraulic draft cycle listed at http://www.designdeskinc.com/hydraulic-draft-cycle.html 

The dual generator micro refrigeration units the will hinge together and allow for a hole in the garment to slide the units through the orifice to then be folded downward locking into place so that the bare skin can be in contact with a thin washable liner then covering the back rest panel. The liner then may also be slightly padded.

Parts List

1. main refrigeration electric motor connected by a shaft drive connected to the refrigerant compressor

2. Hydraulic draft cycle ( generator systems)

3. drive belt

4. electric motor / dynamo - Dc generator permanent magnetic generator

5. electric motor / dynamo - Dc generator permanent magnetic generator

6. spinal column flex units

7. exterior venting condenser for the refrigeration system ( with refrigerant "flat oval" refrigerant tank then connected to the refrigerant switching system also with flexible flow tubes with stainless steel exterior mesh weave as an additional outer casing.

8. shoulder strap ( adjustable )

9. condenser blower fan ( cools the condenser for the refrigerator )

10.  padded tail bone protector contain belt loop

11.  cold air blower fan  ( vents to the back of the neck )

12. evaporator ( cooling matrix for the refrigeration system )

13. back rest panel cooling matrix  also an evaporator for the refrigeration system

14. rib cage back rest panel mounting supports

15. lower  belt

16. manual air pump ( assist to restart the  generator and refrigeration cycle )

17. pneumatic pressure transfer tube

18. shoulder belt locking ports ( sum of two )

19. adjustable belt mounting buckle

20. belt locking retainer

21. belt holes ( allows for total length of the belt to adjust )

22. flexible photovoltaic solar panel ( also feeds the converted current to the system control electronics within the systems shoulder level housing.

23. one way pneumatic flow valve

24. cold or hot air vents according to the control selection ( control system switching then upon the center belt buckle containing number 16.

25.  back rest panel (" thermally conductive" - may be hot or cold )

26. refrigeration tubes from refrigeration switching unit  ( electrical switching )

27. mounting bolt  points

28. refrigeration units locking hinges contain position release level to the exchange / change garments

* Note - components are the same upon both sides of the mirror line......

* Note - the system will also allow for 3 outlet electricity receptacle for heated socks, gloves ,

             hat - jacket hood, full body suit and or charging a cell phone...

* Note - an additional small water collecting bottle then will collect the water condensation from

             the small evaporator , number 12 to then be able to be distilled ( via separate unit ) to then

             be distilled allow it to be fit for consumption. Periodic cleaning  of  number 12, will be required....

The cold air venting from number 24 may also be directed via docking hose to the boots behind the heel above the ankle to then force cold air into channels cooling the foot within hiking boots...

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