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Emergency Heater

The "Emergency Heater" is a pressure cycle then working upon carbonated water. The design is shaken before activation allowing the pressure to flow causing electricity to then be adjusted in intensity to cause the electric motor connected to the blower fan to begin to spin . The heater element then also electrified to cause heat then with the blower fan causing forced air heating.

* Note - most of the bottle / container is vacant of carbonated water as to not cause over

             pressurization ( by volume, 1/4 to 3/8 of the bottle is filled with carbonated water.... max level.. the rest

             is "air".

The safety  tilt switch then located at the base of the carbonated water bottle. The said tilt switch then shuts the dynamo's electricity output off when or if the bottle falls over.

The weight base cap with the safety "all stop tilt switch", may also contain a receptacle to then provide regulated electricity out put to charge another device such as communications equipment.

The system may be beneficial to power remote independent air conditioning systems to reduce summer electricity loading on the Utility electrical grid. The air conditioner then plugging into the weight base receptacle.

water may be harvested from the condensation from the evaporator ( cold plate) of the air conditioner but must be distilled before consumption. The system will be able to "self clean" with steam injection system to insure that the water produced is then harvested in a safe fashion to then be distilled before use..