Electromagnetic Nuclear Waste Disposal System

As with all molecules the atom itself is a polarized object... polarized objects can then be directionally effected by their Polaric attraction atomic particles have electrical charge ("to pull" the waste apart  using high capacity electromagnets high intensity electrical arc  and inert flow of Noble gas ),  to "dis assemble" the radioactive spent nuclear fuel hazard that is incurred from Nuclear power plants fuel.

In tandem with high energy electric arc the Nuclear waste (post Nuclear Power Plant), may also then be processed to become non hazardous with the  bonding " gas/ inert element - within the processing chamber" (non flammable gas - inert Noble Gas), to then yield a "non radioactive" out put product then converting the hazardous spent nuclear power plant fuel to a stable "non reactive / non radio active" isotope that then can be processed in a safe fashion. A compound with an  open dock within it's electron Covalence shield may assist within the  particle injection system to then also act as a  "carrier" of the dismantled radioactive waste liberated electrons....

Resonance then effecting the Quark yielding ......a broken proton / neutron  with its force levels also magnetically separated by polarity... To accelerate the decay ( radiation is atomic decay ) then by dismantlement of the atom. Resonance then by electromagnetic wave transmitter and  by

acoustics (sound). Resonance then causing a vibration to wobble the quark apart at a focus point.

The magnetism then may need to  oscillate in in tandem with a micro wave transmitter amplitude and frequency modulation to then causing a "resonance" within the dis assembly chamber to then effect a focus point upon the spent nuclear fuel injection point.

The final design system then requiring massive electrical production to preform it's intended function within a reasonable time frame. There are many high density high voltage system upon this site... that will in fact provide the required electricity production levels.

Within the process small volume then processed at a time within the radiation shielded casing may then show slight incline when the system is processing - would not be explosive... yet a geiger counter may show a temporary gain the mili severts / or R/hr levels...The flow system / material handling also then with radiation shielding...

The end of the process may yield irradiated mass  but then not actively radioactive.


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