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Electric Less Fish Tank Pump

For those who keep aquatic pets this pumping system is ideal should a power outage occur. An additional water dynamo just before the water return filter may also then provide the water heating current ..... the additional water wheel then driven by the water returning to the fish tank impaling a water impeller.

Below please find the fish tank pump with a counter rotating permanent magnetic dynamo to the power the lighting and or heating element to warm the fish tank water. The core shaft then is surrounded by a larger diameter ratio gear set output shaft then rotating in the opposite direction to then cause the dynamo to produce more electrical current as both the armature commutator ( current pick up ) and field coil ( permanent magnetics / wound to amplify the electrical intensity), then are causing the permanent magnetic also then as an "electromagnet"... to counter rotate respective to one another. This then increasing the total electricity output.

The field coil then being tandem rotating to the outer sleeve drive shaft then surrounding the inner core shaft  bearing support the clearance  ( ie. the tube shaft does not touch the core shaft.

  The control system to regulate the electrical current then in the lighting fixture... as well as the receptacle for the heating element. The electric dynamo model then is also with a pulley and drive belt system... the  pump /impeller assembly that then contains the return to tank water then having in tandem with the high side rotation of M1

with letter "F" then being the large pulley with drive belt then  motivating a smaller pulley upon the in take air pump system tandem with the input of the ratio gearset ( motivating the intake air pump), then labeled as T1
the out but of the air pump (intake) ratio gear set is then tandem rotating with  the armature of the permanent magnetic dynamo. The field coil ( with compound wound magnetics as electromagnet ) then counter rotating to the armature at it's produce sufficient electricity levels watts/ and volt regulated to the be used to heat the water in the fish tank by safe electric resistance fish tank heater and to power the lighting...the core shaft then is tandem rotation with the ratio gear sets input and the armature with the field coil the using a thru bore current transfer electricity transference slip ring with five wire circuit pats ( one for electrical grounding), to then electrify the permanent magnetic  magnets in the field coil of the dynamo..  the armature and commutator use  contact "brushes " then in quick exchange "snap in" plug..