Electric Jet Engine

Parts List

1. Forward bearing race
2. Main bearings
3. Bearing retainer
4. Mounting fillet
5. Forward drive line support brace
   (also directs air velocity flow)
6. cooling fins
7. Ratio gear box oil cooler
8. Compounding permanent magnetic generator
9. 1:4 ratio gear set with internal oil pump
10. High speed electric motor
11. Mounting brace to wing
12. Aft "retainer" bearing race
13. Aft drive line support brace
     ( also directs air velocity flow)
14. Hub retainer
15. Transonic jet fan impeller
16. Drive shaft
17. Cylindrical engine housing
18. Bearing retainer plates
19. Transonic jet fan "compressor"


 This Electric Jet Engine system is intended to have maximum rotation within material selection mechanical limits. The system will be accompanied by a system motivator for "start up" like the Sparks engine system by (www.designdeskinc.com).  The "sparks" engine system will act as the initial start current for the Electric Jet Engine. *note* "Sparks will then have two high voltage generators driven by the out put drive shafts (number 19 on the "sparks engine system page) feeding current to number 10.

 Once in operation, the compounding permanent magnetic generator will feed current unto the high speed electric motor causing acceleration because the air velocity flow, impaling the aft impeller, is reducing the rotational torque required. This should yield sustained rotation and fuel less jet travel.

 Number 8 (generator)and number 10 (electric motor) are brush less electrical transference and they will also contain R.P.M. sensors to monitor their speed. Number 9 will also contain an oil pressure sensor that reports to the master control computer board. A roller wheel  "brush connection " will be implemented where standard brushes can not be avoided.
 This system will also use wound permanent magnets within the magnetos to compound field strength.

 The core engine mounting braces are the sum of four about 360 degrees for both forward and aft mounting braces and reduce internal turbulence. The mounting braces are an air foil wing and are slightly curved to coil the air flow yielding greater compression.

This system should be utilized for intelligent hover systems for all aircraft to reduce injuries due to engine failure.

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