The Electric Farm Tractor

The design removes the fuel cost of farming! (no electric storage battery required)

The "Electric Farm Tractor" is an advancement in agriculture..The power source for this design is then a self sustained generator operating on pressurized silicone oil then compressed by pneumatic pressure.  Following please find the link to the generator schematic ( the rotating drive shafts then attach to high voltage generator sum of two with internal magneto to energize the field coil / stator of the generators. The link for the generator's drive system is listed at

The design frees the farmer of the cost of fuel and having to maintain multiple equipment heavy equipment as the multi tool platform uses a single mobile base tractor. The system is good for municipalities as well then saving the taxpayer money when repairing infrastructure projects such as roads bridges and or clearing snow off the road way.

The system contains dual electric drive motors mounted upon each chassis rail with two independent transmissions. The connected transmissions then with an internal P.O.T. ( point of transfer) hydraulic fluid pressure producer so that the main Electric motor can provide the horsepower to then operate the heavy lift boom or operate the tool attachments.

The design system is a five wheel tractor with a set of two wheels that can extend downward by hydraulic piston assembly that allow a zero point turn radius then lifting the large heavy equipment tractor tires ( sum of two), off of the ground. The aft / rear wheel then a single solid tire that has 360 degree rotation and position indication sensor. The steering then by the steering wheel changing the position of the aft wheel. A safety circuit is required for "mode" of driving.. allows for field or road way travel.

The design incorporates features of a camping Recreational Vehicle including a lavatory and kitchen also with a slide out bed that has a skylight and operational screened window.

Parts List

1. hydraulic boom arm piston ( sum of two each side )

2. boom "I-beam" carbon graphite laminate insert retainer bolt and nut system

3. lamp and audio horn

4. hinge

5. carbon graphite laminate with epoxy resin cured in enclave - interference fit

6. hydraulic piston mount plate mounts to the vertical surface stain less steel boom arm "I-beam"

7. safety lamp rotating flashers

8. endoscope camera  jack and receptacle for electricity to the boom arm's attachment electricity requirement

9. boom arm ( three sectional hinged  hydraulic positional heavy equipment "boom")

10. Hydraulic pistons ( sum of two each side )

11. vertical boom arm hydraulic piston mount plate attaches to the vertical part of the "I-beam" boom arm

      component  under the carbon graphite laminate "I-Beam" insert.

12. communications antenna / receiver and transmitter antenna

13. main boom arm hydraulic pistons ( sum of two each side ) boom mounting

14. main boom arm hydraulic pistons ( sum of two each side )

15. slide deck lamp redundant ( multi lamp minimum of four high lumen lights )

16.  electric wench cable hook

17. hydraulic horizontal tool mount - extends for tool mount atop for seeding or harvest tool to then increase

      the width of the furrow. The underside contains vertical stabilizer used when the heavy equipment is in

      use. The component in position then with hard locking stabilizers and cable and turnbuckle system to then

      keep the alignment correct when using the top mounted tool.

18. main boom arm hinge safety ratchet reels and hinge - operated by cable and solenoid system, solenoid

      safety lock and solenoid reel direction position system.  Contains flat  spring in coiled fashion to then

      retract the cable connection bracket

19. high tension stainless steel braid cables high tension safety cables, reels also contain solenoid

      and ratchet system

20. high tension multi spool electric wench with foot pound tension  measurement indicator ( measures tension

      upon the cables) driven by independent electric motors with reduction gear interface then tandem to

      the independent high tension stainless steel safety cables the system then able to operate automatically

      with the motion of the "boom arm" then keeping reactive safety tension as per the lift load- fault safety

      indication also with over load warning safety circuit. the safety cable reel spool system also containing

      a dual hydraulic piston system  ( "active load lift resistance - hydraulic pistons expand downward)

      also connected to the cable spool via control bracket ( "torsion arm" ) that contains a ratchet

      system ( solenoid directional actuation) to control the spool reeling the safety cables. The system

      contains safety lock pin/ bar to then stow the boom arm in a "parked "position

21. "boom arm" vertical tower stabilizer "links". The "links (sum of four- both sides   of stainless steel

       solid construction designed to exceed the mechanical service requirement to then prevent elongation.

22.  High tension cable electric wench. The cable wench retracts the frame for the slide deck tool attachment

       upon the aft of the tractor. Sum of four electric wenches across the width

23. vertical stabilizer landing foot

24. H.V.A.C. system includes water harvesting and water distillation to then fill the vehicles water holding

      tanks for use in the toilet and or potable water

25. screened vent shutter door

26. sky light  in the ceiling of the sleeper slide out bed

27. slide out bed- slides toward the aft rear of the vehicle- encased

28. vertical stabilizer upon the under side of the tool boom to then stabilize the vehicle when required. 

29. tool boom chassis connector - a hard link turn buckle to horizontally stabilize the tool boom in the horizontal

      plane required to compensate for the tool's weight upon the horizontal boom

30. tool boom threaded union swivel connects one end of the tool boom connector

31. tool boom lowering hydraulic piston

32.  main boom drive shaft - 360 degree rotation of the main boom

33. drive shaft taper gears meshes the drive shaft to the receiving female gear upon the boom "head assembly"

34. vertical vehicle hydraulic piston stabilizer anchor nail - inserts into the ground

35. anchor nail hoop - also acts as system electrical ground!

36. pivoting landing foot rubber non electrically conductive pad

37. slide deck tool lock attachment mounting frame - the docked tool attachment then bolts to the slide frame

      before the docked tool is then pulled back by the electric wench

38. hydraulic pistons sum of two in opposed direction to push or pull the docked tool

39. aft cab riser  mount work lamp system ( multiple lamps red and white ) also acts as vehicle

      tail / break lamps and reverse lamps

40. aft cab height lock post both sides - lock insert pins (sum of two) with threaded lock nut  / bolt and cotter pin

41. fork lift tool dock lift system hydraulics and guide frame - to then lift the tool unto the slide deck

42. hydraulic systems manual flow control levers - operated the system independent hydraulic

      pistons - positions the boom

43. aft cab jacking piston

44. vehicle tail / breaking / reverse and license plate illumination "rear lamp system"

45. hinged fork lift lift bar - locks with load rated insert pins secured with cotter pin and bore hole within the lock pin

46. center line ( from the top view ) solid wheel - tractor tire  wheel slowing drum breaks with hydraulic

      pressure assist - contains emergency break via  cable also hydraulic fluid pressure assist to then engage

      the break hydraulic slave cylinder- the hydraulic master cylinder then a pressurized hydraulic fluid

      master cylinder

47. hydraulic jacking pistons sum of two contains extender to hard lock the jack as a safety feature.

      used when changing the tire to ensure that the vehicle weight is supported even if the hydraulic piston

      encounters failure

48. power steering pump

49. power breaking pump - also produces high vacuum - contains vacuum booster

50. low tension 12v alternator - internal voltage regulator

51. slide out rack generator cartridge generator  "motor bay" for the "Endurance Motor" listed

      at - the main generator are then "detached" that

      are chassis  mounted and the drive assembly is then able to be extracted via the slide out rack. The

      system requires additional differentials upon each endurance motor drive shaft post main mechanical

      transmission upon  the terminal ends of the drive shafts.

     The connected main high voltage generators are then mounted between the chassis rails supported

     by the "cross members". The combined component  "pressure" and  "vacuum" tanks for the "Endurance Motor"

     are fix mounted next to  the two generators driven by the "Endurance Motor" upon the chassis connected

     by length of rated hose that allows length of slide drawer at full extension then coupled by pipe pressure

     fitting to hard metal connection pipe fix mounted to the chassis.

52. drive belt and pulley system - components adjust to then tension the drive belt rotating the components

53. outer chassis rail, mounts tool boom hinge system and attachment tool locks into the rail

54. universal joint

55. drive shaft and single wheel differential - the system is the same upon both sides the design

      contains two independent system  - mirror line is the center line from top view

56. heavy equipment expansion spring assist in supporting the distance between the chassis rail and

      drive shaft from the differential

57. repellent electromagnetic ( sum of two) assist in the forward wheel tractor tire support leaf springs

      and expansion spring system - top magnet then mounted upon the inner face of the chassis rail in

      a fixed position and the lower upon the top of the leaf springs that mount to the drive shaft.

58. single wheel rotational out put differential - the differential contains hydraulic slip balencer to then allow

      both large wheels to then rotate by hydraulic fluid transference between the wheels by and internal

      hydraulic impeller .. one side acts as a hydraulic fluid pump the receiving side then acts as a hydraulic

      impeller - contains  flow rate  control valve , flow by pass system ( pipes) and decompression chamber

      with air and hydraulic fluid within the decompression  chamber - contains oil pressure sensor, sensor

      reports to the systems logic mapping circuit boards

59. drive line main electric motor redundant electrical contact brush system with off set hour use

      failure - sum of two independent drive lines ( electric motor and mechanical transmissions ) upon the


60. main boom arm rotator deck allows the hydraulic boom to then rotate 360 degrees by hydraulic

      pressure system  - the design component is then also motivated / moved electric motor assisted

      interfacing with reduction gearing

61. tractor tire  wheel slowing drum breaks with hydraulic pressure assist - contains emergency break via

      cable also hydraulic fluid pressure assist to then engage the break hydraulic slave cylinder- the

      hydraulic master cylinder then a pressurized hydraulic fluid master cylinder

62. septic system - out pumps and hand tool slide out tool box

63. ratchet flat spring ( locking as the system is lowered retained by the electric cable and wench system so that

      as the tire changing hydraulic piston is then being actuated locking the jack support in increments to prevent

      the vehicle from loosing stability when changing the large tractor tire. The jack support pivot then

      is hard locked by insert pin and cotter pin upon the extension through bore hole to prevent the lock

      pin from becoming dislodged for the hard lock jack support. The hinged jack support then

      mounts, via bracket, to the chassis rail

64. jack support rubber traction tread jack support "foot"

65. septic drain coupling

66. toilet tank washing machine ( clothes cleaning )

67. cab jack - increases the vertical distance between the chassis and the passenger cab - so that the system

      can be used on different height agricultural product with out damage to the produce

68. entry exit door ( both sides of the vehicle ) heated via electric resistance ( prevents the hinges icing)

69. screened slide shutter allows for ventilation

70. heated door handle ( prevents icing )

71. head rest - lumbar and tool control joy stick driver's seat

72. steering wheel

73.  adjustable foot pedal assembly ( throttle break system to control the velocity of the vehicle

74. heated external stairs

75. electric de-sending transverse 90 degree dual wheel system - allows for smaller turn radius / breaking

      also electric actuation disk break and hydraulic caliper

76. forward electric wench and cable system

77. forward link lift hydraulic piston - assist the link height to then attach the link to the forward mount

      tool upon the boom arm

78. tool link ( sum of two then joined by angular stabilizer horizontally)

79. cab floor height

80. vehicle instrumentation dash speed/ gauge display/ fault lamp - dash lamp warning lamp hazard lamp switch

81. tilt locking steering column

82. wind shield

83. exterior wind shield blow bar high velocity air displacement keeps rain off the wind shield also able to

      discharge heated air to de ice the exterior of the wind shield , turn signal lamps / forward marker lamps

84. multiple high lumen lamp rack sum or four lamps

85.  extension hail shield roof forward lamp

86.  forward sliding roof - hail shield roof -  moved by electric motor

87. internal H.V.A.C. plenum air intake for the internal air  system ( H.V.A.C. system monitored

      for CO ( Carbon Monoxide ) and CO2  ( Carbon Dioxide) to then adjust ventilation with exterior

      air contains fault indicator sensor

88. proximity sensor prevents the boom arm form impaling the wind shield or other part of the vehicle

      limits the boom arm range of motion

89.  hydraulic piston

90.  dozer blade

91.  attachment "park" stabilizer extends to also keep the part in correct position to then attach the

       implement to the boom arm

92.  lateral hydraulic piston blade adjustment hydraulic piston system

93.  electronics hatch - water tight yet ventilated

94.  pop up fuse block water tight

95.  stationary chassis mount casing hydraulic fluid impeller internal wheel then rotates

       the "boom arm" rotation deck

96. slide deck hydraulic pistons to then push and pull the tool carriage . The pull piston then with assist cable

      and pulley system within the slide deck retainer angle. A reel with spring re-tension may also assist the

      system to operate then retracting the cable

97. slide deck carriage cable tow hoop- uses electric wench and cable - assist in the mounting of the aft

      mount tool attachment

98. tail and break lamps

99. white reverse lamps and audio warning speakers  so that when the vehicle is in revers the warning
      speaker is actuated to warn pedestrians

100. lock pin storage

101. turn signal lamps / aft marker lamps

102. forward leaf springs supports the tractor tire differential out put rotation drive shaft

103. cab height lock plates - contains bore holes to then insert height lock pins - pins lock into place

104. forward cab lift hydraulic piston assembly slides plated locked together via insert pins that lock position
        to change cab to chassis height

105. on board vehicle tire changing hydraulic jack locks into vertical position via bolt and nut bracket 

        stows  and locks to the vehicle in tilted position

106. jack stand stow cable hoop

107. lock pin stow for the jack stand inserted into the jack stand bore hole when the foot is down

        hard locking the jack stand

108. internal cab stairs

109. tool boom forward turn buckle hoop - assist in the perpendicular integrity of the side mount tool boom

        resist against tool drag causing deformation of the extension high tension capacity

110. hand rail

111. vehicle vertical integrity stabilizer hydraulic piston

112.  vertical stabilizer arm

113.  aft wheel position system

114.  shock absorption system

115. tool lift safety hydraulic system secondary "fork lift" - "hinged" used when lifting the slide deck tool unto

        the slide deck to ensure safety

116. transverse tire system *( sum of two upon the lowering carriage)

117. kitchenette includes hot plate microwave oven water dispenser ( distilled) and refrigerator

118. trailer hitch

119.  ball type trailer hitch

120.  trailer hitch mounting deck lock pins - the aft hitch mounting system is able to recess when the

         pins are removed to the allow the use of the slide deck fork lift

121. fly wheels ( sum of two ) acts as union bolt plates - bolt and nut lock washers bore holes

        sum of 12 in 360 degrees

122. seat belt three point harness

123.  aft hydraulic fluid pressure  ( send and return), and electricity transfer coupling to then power the tool being

         towed behind the tractor

124. roof hail shield electric position motor - slides the hail shield forward and retracts the hail shield

125. boom arm rotation deck 360 degree positioning

126. slide deck tool mount  "re-tractor / ejector"  carriage system - cable wench tow hook stow

127. dozer tooth -  across the base of the blade multiple teeth

128. slide deck tool mount - tool locks into rails upon the outer edge contains bore holes for final position

        with lock bolts- threaded recess

129. chassis rail - system contains cross members along the length of the vehicle to ensure structural

        integrity of the vehicle "frame"  the cross members then also contain component mounting system

        brackets to then fasten the components

130. tool arm extension hydraulic piston - extends the perpendicular distance to then increase the

        horizontal to the tool arm to accommodate different implement length

131. advanced automatic mechanical transmission - contains P.T.O. hydraulic fluid pressure transference

        to then use the main electric motor to motivate the design system hydraulic fluid pressure to then

        operate the hydraulic pistons of the tractor and across to the other torque converter tandem rotating

        hydraulic fluid impeller contained in the adjacent mechanical transmission then motivating the other

        tractor tire.

132. tool arm - used in the horizontal position to increased operation width to the farm tool or used with

        additional electric motor / mechanical transmission removal tie bracket if applied then in the vertical

        piston. Ties the tool air upon both sides causing a stable structural system to then lift or lower the

        heavy main electric motor.

133. hydraulic fluid retainer tank fill port

134. universal joint lock bolts  ( upon both drive shaft ends )

135. stairs to slide out bed- storage in the stair steps they are slide our drawers - medical kit / food / clothes etc.

136. boom arm vertical rise stabilizer assist in the structural integrity of the boom arm section

        prevents the component twisting due to the inertia of weight being lifted or the resistance then

        being encountered by the work being done

137. lowering transverse wheel assembly electric motor and drive shaft assembly contains differential

138. interior grab bar

139. safety chain for the trailer then being towed

140. fork lift hinge lock bolt - removed when place in the stow position to then adjust the forks and

        then be re inserted keeping the fork in the up right position for travel

141. Uva Uvb safety glass wind shield perimeter of the glass then heated via electric resistor in the

       encasement to then reduce the need for de-icing

142. boom arm hinge

143. cab riser hydraulic piston

144. H.V.A.C. air conditioning system condenser vents to the the exterior air

* Note - the design can also be used for freight transport / food truck transport. The rear slide deck may

             mount a "back hoe attachment with grappling to better control the trailer preventing a "jack knife"

             by powered application  (automatic function).

* Note - the system with correct tool attachments will allow for slow  "constant" road resurfacing

             recycling the old road surface upon a fuel less platform reducing the cost of road maintenance

* Note - The system may, as additional front boom arm attachment, then be equipped with arctic electric

             drive wheel assembly to then use spiked tires assisting road control - the steering from the steering

             wheel then transferred to the attachment via electric motor servo causing hydraulic pressure to

             adjust the attachments wheel angle (sum of two wide tires).

            The Arctic drive attachment comes equipped with dual electric wench & cable system, (swivel mount)

            with tow hooks.The attachment comes equipped with forward lighting, turn signal indicators

            and marker lamps.The forward "link" (mounting hinge system, number 78, then has as standard

            permanent mount slide hoops that also mount cable pulley to he boom arm.The cable thread through

            the pulley directing  electric wench cable angle allowing a  perpendicular tow  out angle for the front

           of the vehicle. A cable snap shield then will protect the cab and wind shield when using the wench.

*Note - The design system then may also be used as an electric engine system for rail transport with

           the "boom arm" then upon the over head guide rail ( over head center rail ) that would prevent

           train derailment. The aft center wheel then also retractable vertically when in train mode lowering rail

           wheels simultaneously.  The  overhead wheel boom arm attachment then will also have snow

           plow snow blower coupler mounting to clear the rails upon the ground.

The attached cargo train cars then also with over heard rail "boom arm" spaced

           so that not every cargo train car has a boom arm over head guide wheel system. Since the train

           is then able to travel fuel less  the system can also stop at intersections with automotive traffic

           at every intersection just like a car is required until automotive over bridge is then put in place.

           The fuel savings allows for the finance to install the automotive over pass bridges. The 

           heated "over pass bridge" also will accommodate pedestrian path walk ways.

           The  electrical current provided by a modification 


           then with the bicycle wheel turning a generator to electrify electric resistance heaters for

           the "over pass bridge road surface. The electric bicycle motor then with sensor system to

           monitor the temperature controlling actuation also able to be remotely actuated by transmitter receiver.

           Battery or capacitor to then store the initial electricity to open the system start pressure valve and

          short run the electric motor to then gain the required speed to start the rotation of the system.


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