Electric Digger
Product design addresses the problem of weight then in excavation and the removal of material ( dirt )  a circular dig wheel with an electric drive motor then also having multiple dig teeth  upon a rotary drive chain ( then digging left and right ) teeth mounted upon the drive chain upon the same removable  link on  the chain rotated upon the dig wheel sprocket. The inner part of the drive chain is then  driven by a drive sprocket rotated by an electric motor.  The "throw" of the displaced dirt is then captured by high velocity vacuum and fed to location away from the excavation point. The unit is light weight  like a hand held leaf blower and comes with attachments to then foot brace the digging system ( acts like a pivot for dense material ) .

The design may also be useful as a garden tiller for remote applications as the electricity that powers the system may then be a fuel less platform........ ( similar to the Hot Light html).

The hyper vacuum is then as a dump vacuum that allow the debris to fall into containment  while the vacuum is vented atop a chamber.  Pneumatic velocity by component "z" in tri plex lifter html.

Soil moisture content is a factor for the systems  correct operation not to clog the vacuum flow tubes.

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