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Electric Car

Parts List

1. primary generator computer controller
2. pneumatic impeller
3. 1:4 ratio gear set
4. electric motor armature
5. commutator
6. fixed field coil primary generator
7. high speed permanent magnetic generator *( also an electric motor within )
8. mapping computer control board (DC to AC inverter)
9. pneumatic turbo compressor
10. oil pump
11. "hall effect" R.P.M. sensor
12. high voltage generator
13. electric motor
14. permanent magnetic generator
15. pneumatic impeller
16. current control unit for number 20
17. battery charger
18. battery tank
19. automatic transmission
20. electric motor ( propels the car)
21. air filter
22. piston type electric air compressor
23. regulator and safety valve
24. small sprocket
25. tension sprocket (adjustable)
26. chain
27. large sprocket
28. pneumatic flow tubes
29. pneumatic pressure storage tank
30. electric slide valve
31. drive shaft
32. max pressure safety valve
33. brushes and brush track
34. primary generator current "pick up" ( armature)
35. advancing field coil
36. oiled chain containment  case
37. advancing brushes


This system is a pneumatic electric Hybird.

 From "Start" the battery powers the mapping computers / control boards. The mapping computer allows current from the battery to rotate number 13 (electric motor). This action causes number 14 (permanent magnetic generator) to feed current to number 8 , mapping computer (an active circuit in the "run" position - current from transformer in the battery charger / low tension dc current) and then to feed high tension ac to number 6 (fixed field coil primary generator).

 Number 34's (current pick up) output is then fed through number 33 (brush track brushes and on to number 1 (primary generator control unit) and then back to number 33 to then feed the primary generators internal electric motor , numbers 4,5,35 and 37.

 Number 7 (high speed permanent magnetic generator) is then feeding current to number 13 (electric motor) monitored and controlled by the mapping computer (number 8)  and the field coil for the high voltage generator number 12.  This then shuts off the current feed from the battery tank and causes the system to go "active".

 Number 14's current post primary generator fixed field coil then is fed to number 17 to then charge the battery.  All 12 volt functions such as horn, radio  and lights are fed from the transformer in number 17.

 Current produced in number 12 (high voltage generator) is fed to number 16 ( control unit "throttle" ) and then to number 20 (electric motor) to propel the car.

 The field coils are adjustable set by the mapping computer.  Current post primary generator internal electric motor then feeds current to the wound magnetics within permanent magnetic generators. At start these windings are fed current from the battery then at running velocity the current is from within the system.

 The control board also senses pneumatic pressure within the system to control the piston type electric air compressor with reporting sensor within the max pressure safety valve. Flow tube pressure is measured with the slide valve in the open position.

 There is also within this design a magnetic field insulator between the armature for the primary generator and the internal electric motor's advancing field coil. This prevents incorrect magnetic field looping.

 Number 7 is a combined generator / electric motor system ...the current feed for number 7 is derived from line current post number 4 ...this counteracts the resistance of magnetic fields while generating and the resistance produced within the ratio gear set advancing number 7.

Please note that this system can be all direct current as well or an alternating current / direct current combined system. This system demonstrates the implementation of conservation of angular momentum with electricity and the effect of compounding pneumatic velocity to cause a "run away effect" then generating fuel less electricity for an unlimited range self charging electric car.