Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

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The eagle is an electric / pneumatic electrical generator that is used to power an electric automobile.  The elongated oval is an air pressure storage tank that vents pressure unto a centrifugal turbo compressor.  The pressure and velocity post compressor impale a pneumatic impeller that is connected to the advancing field coil that drives the armature for the centrifugal compressor. The system starts by the computer allowing the battery current to power the centrifugal compressor and the electric motor on the generator assembly.  Attached to the compressor drive shaft is a high speed electrical generator that powers the compressor and the electrical drive motor on the generator assembly.  This also shuts off current from the battery effectively replacing the current.  On the generator assembly exist a high voltage generator , an electric motor, and a 12v alternator. The 12v alternator feeds current to the automobiles lights , horn, stereo , etc.  The high voltage generator powers the forward electric motor that drives the car and also charges the battery tank.  The assemblies are balanced by a pulley and belt system.

Another circuit path way is to wire as follows:  The high voltage generator being advanced by air pressure and current then will feed the electric motor for the pneumatic turbo compressor. The high speed generator  then feeds current to the electric drive motor on the generator assembly and to the forward electric motor that propels the car.   The battery will still "start" the cycle aided by the discharge of pneumatic pressure.  The 12v system will then charge the battery.