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Design Desk Inc.

E.M.F. Plow ( electromagnetic field plow)

The design system ( E.M.F. plow) will assist in preventing inductance effecting the ships hull during high speed travel also then to act as a micro particle plow as the "compression" system will aid in removing small object away from the path of travel.....

The system will also aid in the system "static compressor" ( engine) from causing particle gain due to traversing space at high speed..... ( ie.. Neutrio permeation / & other particle ).

Above the cone transmitter then also emitting polarized particle alignment to cause an artificial southern pole of sufficient magnetism projected in from of the craft to then cause the ships electromagnetic field to bend / break forward then with a core polarized emitter beam ( magnetic particle aligned to cause magnetic tendency) to then be toriod "rolled off the main emission by the "pusher transmitter" in sequence ie. core emitter on / off in rapid succession.. to "launch" sections of the electromagnetic envelope in front of the ship in direction of flight . This will compress the projection at great distance in rapid succession causing a "force projection" then acting as an E.M. F. field plow to aid in empty space "electro-static" charge removal as to not cause inductance upon the hull of the craft due to ultra high speed flight ....