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E.M. Flight Lever

The E.M. ( electromagnetic ) Flight Lever is then powered by a fuel less generator and arrayed about 360 degrees as per lift requirement upon either chassis mount as the center point of the polar array.

The design system then in multiple "staged" ( timed actuation at different intervals ) then in sequence to produce an elongation if the vertical hover point to then again cause the system to cause a lift tendency.

The "hover point" is then the place say if you throw a ball into the air... it is still just for a moment before gravity caused the ball to fall to "earth". A staggered "order of fire" sequence  with the "electronic actuation similar to the electronic ignition system in an automobile  a distributer and points system will also work...

As with fluid dynamics... and hydraulic system so to then  of magnetism....  the field the a circle.... toriod  magnetic field the with larger diameter ( increased surface area  and greater intensity to cause uplift ) the attractant magnetic the of high intensity yes smaller surface area ( diameter of the toriod field smaller diameter of a circle then with magnetic field focus option  option to increase performance of the mechanism...