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Dual Wheel Weather System

The following design system then to fit in the existing space of current tires... the design then implementing a solid outer tire with an inner studded tire for snow and ice.

Changing tires is sometimes difficult.. by using a solid outer tire the chances of loosing control of the vehicle is greatly reduced avoiding a flat tire...

The inner weather tire is a "tall expander" pneumatic tire that will the surpass the circumference having a greater diameter than the solid outer tire to then give greater weather capacity just by inflating the tire. The system will be with a Dc 12v air compressor that may be plugged into the 12v Dc cigarette lighter receptacle.

The studs then having a greater securing system to the tires itself than current studded snow tires. The affixing retainer then within the tire... and are placed before the tire is mounted upon the rim with 100% securing... not to loose the ice spike at speed.

The design makes it quick for the additional level of safety. It's easy to incur.