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Drum Generator

The "Drum Generator" is a low cost emergency generator that will never need fuel.... as it is a hydraulic draft cycle that implements syphon and suction to continue motion. The lower depiction then with addition electric motor drive to compensate for generator / alternator "baug out" when loading is placed upon the generator. Once hydro locked... vacuum pressurize the rise tube until flow is attained at the tube cap. The oil level will never reach the top of the tube...

****CAUTION! - Do Not use motor oil or water... !

Note- the rise tube 24" dia tube may be taller.. to then produce adequate vacuum and falling head weight of the oil to cause continual flow to then generate constant electricity.

The design is filled with a silicone oil with the PVC tube submerged in the oil . The "rim" is lifted to it's operating height with the valve upon the PVC end cap closed and all eight lock supports are then secured.

A pulley and rope system may be of assistance with the pulley gearing to then give advantage making the tube easier to lift.

  With the flow tubes "primed" / filled with oil, the  start valve is opened then  the PVC tube end cap valve  is opened after ..causing fluid flow by falling "fluid head weight". The falling "head weight" / oil flow within the PVC tube causes suction  within the  PVC tube and will cause greater fluid travel increasing the syphon effect then feeding the hydraulic impeller causing rotation of the generating assembly.

The electric motor then may regulate total system speed..... via potentiometer / variable resistor.... "household dimmer switch" powered by a percent of electricity from the dynamo post voltage regulation.

The oil return tube ( to the top of the PVC tube),  then of lesser diameter in regard to the syphon tube diameter to insure fluid control......

An octagonal "cone cap" will cover the system and mount to the lock supports to prevent debris from contaminating the silicone oil. The drive belt and alternator / dynamo assembly and hydraulic impeller also then in a weather enclosure allowing for keep the system safe - ensure casing electrical grounding...

Following find a fluid compounder called a "pressurizer" to then speed the system it in then installed upon the hydraulic fluid flow system

Note - the "to house electrical connection" post 12v Dc to 120v Ac inverter,  should connect a

           circuit breaker "circuit box"......