Draft Generator

* Note - "A" =  drive shafts...
* Note - number 13 also connected to number 14 by drive shaft

* Note - The max pressure safety pressure relief valve will be then a two stage pressure relief system....first stage then vents through a flow tube past a one way valve and
             then into the pressure tank. The second stage of the max pressure safety valve then vents to the outside air.....this will also regulate speed of operation ...the safety valve
             will contain fault indicator monitor air pressure and report to the logic board...and logic board will then restrict pneumatic flow at valve number 1.  Second stage valve
             sensor will cause system   all stop function and shut the generator down.
* Note - On drive shaft "A" between number 8 and number 9 an additional electric motor will be installed to counteract the resistance within the 1:50 ratio gear set and
              be the additional electric motor will be fed current from the generator.
* Note - As an additional flow line to reduce the resistance produced when applying the ratio gear set amplification a valve will then be placed upon number 11 after number
             13 and before number 12 with an additional flow tube outlet to an additional pneumatic impeller then attached to number 6 with the additional pneumatic impeller
             then venting pneumatic  pressure through a pneumatic pressure tube (number 11) and  a one way valve then into  flow tube segment 11 between numbers 5 and number 9.

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