Draft Cycle Vehicle Motor

The component labeled as letter "B" then being a dual shaft electric motor will then also connect to the automotive transmission ( automatic automotive transmission / manual transmission and or all wheel drive transmission )

The pulley then are also tandem rotating with their respective components motivated via drive belt...

The oil pressure and air pressure are then contained in a pressure tank mounted under the trunk floor not to then be obtrusive and with transverse mounting ie... 90 degree angle in reference to the chassis.

The hydraulic pump internal pump  "wheel"  is of twice the diameter than the hydraulic impeller's internal pump  "wheel" with the flow tube 5/8" diameter connecting the components.

The "head upon the piston type impeller also then able to re-pressurize the air pressure in the dual component pressure storage tank to then maintain a "working" pressure replacing the dispalcement pneumatic pressure from the "start up" discharge.

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