Draft Accelerator

Parts List

1. Funnel
2. Compressor pneumatic pressure purge valve
3. 4" sewer clean out pipe ( PVC )
4. Pneumatic valve
5. Pneumatic restriction "tip" / venturi compression tip "funnel"
6. Dynamo ( generator ) permanent magnetic /  compound stator ( Ac or Dc systems ) also tandem with in number 6 an electric motor  to balance the "baug" effect of loading
    the generator ie if 35% of total output is  demanded form the generator  ( to feed another electric drive motor rotating a transmission  and drive wheels )then the generator
    will feed 45 % of out put then  fed to number 6's internal electric motor... to counter act the loading causing system rate increase and a "load reactive " generating system.

* Note - The Ac ( alternating current system is for the automotive application and  may also be able to cycle the pressure ie. harvest max pressure safety valve
     exhaust ..and re- circulate the pressure regulated back into the system to then drive electric "active generation" of electricity lunar vehicles
7. Small pulley
8. Drive belt
9. Compound Wheel ( propeller / diameter ) impeller ( circumference )
10. Hall effect R.P.M. ( revolutions per minute )  sensor
11. Large pulley
12. Pneumatic flow tube  2" (PVC )
13. 120 degree bend 2" PVC tube
14. Kitchen metal pot
15. Pneumatic max pressure safety pressure relief valve
16. 2"...."Y" PVC  tube
17. Pneumatic pressure storage tank
18. Pneumatic fill valve one way valve
19. Air pressure gauge
20. Compressor flow system max pressure relief valve / re-pressurized air storage tank
21. "T" union fitting PVC t shape tube
22. Lamp shade made rigid by carbon graphite weave / fiber glass cloth plus epoxy
23. Dc ( direct current ) current to Ac  ( alternating current ) electrical power inverter High range of voltage can be incurred..... ie 240v Ac and
      greater.. voltage...! ( limited by material selection of components and thermal properties )
24. Fiber glass  plus epoxy resin union seam
25. R.P.M.  rotational rate display
26. Hall effect sensor control circuits
27. Dc voltage regulator
28. Drive shaft

O = required bearing race

* Note - Also as an addition to this design the "start" exciter flow tube is identical to flow tube system number 17,12,4,12,22 but differs so that the additional flow pipe becomes
             number' s 17,12,4,12,5 then  pneumatic discharge then impaling number 9.

* Note - As an added safety measure the flow tubes will be wrapped with  fiber glass insulation  ( 1 1/2 " ) then   wrapped in spiral fashion with Fiber glass cloth plus
              epoxy resin to the thickness to prevent  ( projectile from flow pipe rupture ) approximately 1/2" of fiber glass cloth plus epoxy resin ( outer pipe shell  ie.  wrap
              full pneumatic system...  ).

              Do allow for pneumatic pressure venting via number 15 when wrapping the outer system "shell".... Additionally a band of carbon graphite  ( thermally cured in enclave )
              around the outer most shell container to prevent projectile of impeller vane should component failure occur. the carbon graphite ring.. will be then placed around the
             circumference of the compound wheel number 9 and secured in place by adhesive. Stainless steel cord then also should be used as a vane retainer for the pneumatic
              impellers then threading the cord  through and welded to each piece.....   also can then coil the around the rivet...The less welding the better and seal welds with epoxy...

* Note - Pneumatic return tube from number 20 that directs flow to the generating assembly and impeller system is a reduced diameter flow tube 1" diameter and the pressure
              is restricted into the tube until the primary compressor reaches a high velocity to then cause number 20 to open and allow the higher pressure range to then flow to the
             generating assembly. Number 4 upon generating assembly will open by pressure and velocity from tube 12 allowing higher pressure to impale number 9.

* Note - Before starting the  system the the air pressure within the compressor assembly is dumped to allow for rotation to occur.

* Note - An additional piston type 12v Dc air compressor will also be installed to  re- pressurize the air pressure storage tank and will be actuated before the system shuts off
              to then use the current produced within the generating assembly.

* Note - This system is constant "run"  generator that can be applied to many applications.

* Note - Also added to schematic additional flow tube system from number 17 to 12,4,12,5, into number 9 upon the generating assembly... flow then focused unto the
             circumference impeller to assist in "start up" rotation.

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