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Domicile Power System


* Note -  option...number 3, ratio gear set Hi  :)  side to number 1. .options with gear ratios from 1:10 thru 1:50 then driving  number 1 at increased rotational
               rate as the high side of the alternative gear set is then rotating number 1 at increased velocity so that the system will cause "hydraulic draft". With
               the optional position of the high ratio gear that the high side is rotating number 1 faster an additional max pressure safety valve with fault sensor,  pressure sensors and
               fluid return tube (max pressure pressure relief tube ) to the combined pressure storage tank, will be required installed on number 25  before the fluid intake on the tube to number 4.
* Note -  As an augmentation to feed hot air to the dwelling duct work Exhaust number 71 can then be channeled into the home duct work system.

* Note - Addition to the system connected to number 1 a pneumatic impeller that can counter act a increased ratio gear system number 3 ...

* Note -  For the dwelling cooling system the additional air pressure that is produced within the system can then be vented and regulated by control valve  from number 14 and fed to a
              pneumatically driven air conditioning system that generated electricity and  can also branch, feed,  the cold air to the food cooler ( refrigerator / freezer )
              making the food cold storage   units weigh less allowing for easy handling and transportation ..moving them is easier when the units are lighter weight.
             Yielding a  central unit for refrigeration  and air conditioning.

* Note - number 22 has one inlet and two exhaust tubes tube continuing to number 10 and the other tube  then returning to the combined pressure tank number 14.

* Note - Flow system follows....number 25 post number 29 then becoming oil flow feed tube into number 10 with oil exhaust flow tube
              then from number 10 into number 21 with oil exhaust flow dividing in number 22 and oil from number 21 then drafted into number 7.

* Note - number 76 provides current then compounding for number 76 also feeding either Dc or Ac current to number 3, 15 and number16 post control
             circuits ( number 44 and manual instrument cluster) and or  electricity current inverter.( ie. Ac type system ).

* Note - number 16 main high voltage electricity production output source generator.
Drive line in main generating assembly is 18,10,11,16,21,35. The small pulley is adjustable to adjust the drive belt tension.

* Note - Because of the turbulent activity within the pressure tank...the hydraulic re -entry systems "tubes" should vent into the combined pressure tank into the pneumatic pressure yet vector downward vector discharge of oil in to the oil in the base of the tank....this is so that it will prevent oil being sucked into the pneumatic discharge systems emanating from the combined pressure storage tank.

* Note - Correction to number 28 should read Pneumatic one way valve

* Note -  To increase system operation an added pneumatic impeller may be attached to the drive shaft connected to number 7 then counteracting the resistance
               produced within the gear set number 5. Additional flow tube same as flow tube , 61,26,36,35,26, 33 (additional impeller ) and venting to exterior source
               and or into the number 42

* Note - prior to system "start" the evacuation of pneumatic pressure is required from the combined pressure storage tank via pressing the manual pressure relief valve compression lever on the max pressure safety valve number 32. In addition the fluid / oil can then drain back into the combined pressure tank by gravity when then depressing the manual discharge valve atop number 22 allowing the fluid to re-enter the combined pressure storage tank. This is required so that the fluid is not "locked" by fluid resistance when trying to start the cycle. The next step is then to manually close number 45.  Then with the oil flow tubes "drained" fill the combined  oil/ "air" pressure combined pressure tank with air pressure by foot pump then injecting it into number 17.   Now the system is ready to start...and is initiated by number 45 being actuated manually or  by number 46 to allow fluid under pressure ( by air pressure ) to then enter the system.  System is balanced and regulated  by number 44.

The system may also be implemented for Electric  Automotive . Electric  Locomotive, and or any other industrial application where pressure ( hydraulic or pneumatic ) or electricity is required.