Dodecahedron Earthquake Force Diffuser

In the current infrastructure are many un-reinforced masonry buildings and also may very expensive Urban investments in skyscrapers and bridges. Acting then as an insurance policy for highly populated environments to then also reduce endangerment of structural failure to people due to earthquakes..

 A shock diffusion system then implementing a Dodechedron then of glass / titanium dioxide - ceramic..

. ( solid structural connecting lines aft shock wave "face solid" ) with a marble spherical core ( with pulse resonator [ ultrasonic] to activate when remote seismograph proceeding quake wave). The pulse resonator then focuses the wave from the diffuser... The intent then to create an interference pattern post diffuser "collision".  The diffuser to disrupt the shock wave by interference of shock wave amplitude by micro wave or ultrasonic transmitter the with higher frequency and rate of under ground transmission.....  the transmitter breaks the earthquakes amplitude...  ( wave pattern ) peaks and valley of the wave.....

The produced voids, then within the geometric shape filled with a rigid foam .. to then be buried in massive numbers as underground shock deflection as the "earthquake wave" will transverse percussive force into subterraneous holes then filled with the geometric shapes to shatter the force of the wave by structure of the geometric shape and ultra sound transmitters.......

Diffuser to vector  deflect the shock wave upward so that the force is then transferred in designed discharge "zones".

The geometric foam filled shapes may contain seismograph and activation transmitter to the Earthquake Dampener System and be placed close to known earthquake faults to reduce the immediate reaction of the tectonic shifting..Successive installations from the seismic fault line may be required.The initial detection to then activate all system functions, ie. the second , third, fourth installation of geometric force diffusers. Electrical generation for the design system then

The design system then placed by modified oil rig drilling unit to then be set at very deep ranges.

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